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A little bit about me...

Describe your educational philosophy. I believe that all students deserve an excellent education. It is my desire to meet the needs of each child in my classroom every day. I have high expectations for my students because I want my students to be able to be globally competitive.

Why did you become a teacher? The college that I attended required its students to perform community service.  I decided to volunteer at an elementary school and was assigned first grade. During my time at the elementary school, I was able to teach a child to read. The sense of pride and satisfaction I felt was incredible! I changed majors from performance music to education, much to the surprise of my parents.

What is it like in your classroom? I try to maintain a balance between reading, writing, vocabulary development, grammar and research. I use direct instruction when teaching new concepts and skills. I use data to drive my instruction, so I give pre-tests, ongoing assessments and post tests to determine what students in class need.  Small learning groups are formed to meet the individual needs of my students. Students also participate in pair work as well as cooperative learning groups.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy reading, gardening, scuba diving, yoga and spending time with my friends and three dogs. 

What do students have to say about you and your class? "I like not having too much homework."; "the best thing about Mrs. Johnson's class is that when I am in her class, I feel relaxed and not under pressure."; "Mrs. Johnson is cool and fun to be around."; "I like having recess once in a while."



Ackroyd, Ian: Band Teacher
Adams, Christine: 8th Math
Albanese, Anna: Intensive Language Arts
Bailey, Kim: Counselor
Albano, Lisa: 8th Science
Barlow, Sheree: 6-8th Grades Science (Gifted Academy)
Jackson, Kim: Aide
Brainard, Aimee: 6th - 7th Grade Reading
Brandafino, Belinda: Registrar
Brandow, Kathryn: 6th World History
Burge, Tina: Aide
Campbell, Linda: Math 8th, ESE
Conner, Joseph: 6th - 8th Grades ESE
Cuervo-Hoeper, Marsha: 6th - 7th Grade English Language Arts - ESE
Currie, Linda, 8th ELA
Davis, Diane: Language & Speech Therapy, Grades 6-8
Dinverno,Tomas: Principal
Devitt, Lanette: 8th ELA
Devitt, Michael: 7th Grade ELA , Journalism
Doyle, Susan, TOSA
Encarnacion, Diana: 6th Grade Math
Evans, Paula: ESE Liaison
Faberlle, Julie: Teacher
Flickinger, Consuelo: Receptionist
Fuerst, Richard: 6th Grade Science
Hagan, Em: College & Career Advisor
Hansen, Dennis: 8th Grade Math, ESE
Heinz, Susan: Orchestra Teacher
Idoyaga, Eric: Assistant Principal
Ignotis, Tatiana: ELL Contact
Ittel, Tom: Encore-STEM Technology Education
Iwasiw, Tamara: 6th grade Math
Jodwalis, Lisa: 6-8th Grades Art
Johnson, Laura: 6-8th Grade English Language Arts (Gifted Academy)
Kiss, Ida : Bookkeeper
Kresse, Helen
Latchford, Julie : Clinic Aide
Lee, Dixie: 7th & 8th Grade Intensive ELA, 7th ELA
McCutcheon, Louisa 6 - 8th Grades Math & Science (Young Marines)
Maas-Lyon, Susan: 6 - 8th Grades Social Studies (Young Marines)
Mayberry, Beth: 7th & 8th grade Science
Mead, Joshua: 7th U.S. History
McCarron, Maureen: Registered School Nurse
Mergos, Jennifer: 7th & 8th Grade English Language Arts (Young Marines)
Mikarts, Kristin: 6th Grade English Language Arts & Reading
Monclova, Fernando: Tech Specialist
Nell, John: 7th Grade Advanced Math (Gifted Academy)
Nell, Susan: 8th Grade Math, Algebra and Geometry Honors
Ogren, Elizabeth, 6th grade Social Studies
Olsen, Kim : Teacher 8th Grade Social Studies
Phillips, Mandi: 7th Grade Science
Poggio, Janice : Aide
Pritchard, Leslie : Aide
Quigley, Lindsey, Social Studies & Language Arts (Young Marines)
Renouf, Maureen : Secretary
Rice, Erin: Assistant Principal
Ritchie, Laydelis: Theatre, TV Production
Robertson, Cedona: 6-8th Grade Physical Education & Athletic Director
Ryan, Edward: Science Teacher
Sanchez, Bob: School Resource Deputy
Schaefer, Kurt: XO (Young Marines)
Schafer, William 6th -8th Grades Social Studies (Gifted Academy)
Shambora, Tyler: 7th U.S. History
Singer, Amber: Guidance Counselor
Sintov,Tara: 8th Math
Speth, Jennifer : Behavior Tech Aide
Stasko, Adria: Administrative Assistant
Stasko, Kati: 6th Grade Science
Stewart, Michelle : Head Custodian
Thompson, Fredl: Young Marines' Unit Commander
Tobin, Kelly Jo : Chorus Teacher
Tucker, Martha: ESE Aide
Tubbesing, Kim, Aide
Tucker, Tracy: 7th & 8th Science
VanBuskirk, Angela: 6-8th Grades Physical Education
Volta, Angela: Paraprofessional Aide
Volta, Michael: Campus Security
Walters, Elizabeth: Es Science & Phys Sci YMs
Wareham, Kathlenn: 8th Math
Wareham, Samuel: PE Teacher
Wiles, Kim: 8th Grade Social Studies
Wilson, Bonnie: Behavior Specialist
Whitehurst, Cheryl: 7th & 8th ELA
Zelms, Lizabeth: 8th ELA, ESE

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9/25/2019 - VMS Girls Volleyball

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