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The International Baccalaureate is a two-year program of studies beginning in a student's junior year that aims to develop a student's skills in all academic areas.  It encourages intercultural understanding, lifelong learning, and community activity.  Venice High recommends interested students have an A or B in all core subjects, a 3 or higher on the FSA Reading test, have completed year two of a second language, and have finished Algebra II (honors preferred) by the end of sophomore year.  

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Students from outside of Venice High School boundaries can apply for IB through the magnet program applications on this website.  Please send any questions to the Diploma Programme Coordinator, Kathleen Jones, via email, kathleen.jones@sarasotacountyschools.net.

International Baccalaureate Applications for students from outside of Venice High School boundaries:

VHS IB Application 2018 for upcoming 9th graders

VHS IB Application 2018 for upcoming 10th graders

VHS IB Application 2018 for upcoming 11th graders


For more information visit:  vhsibprograms.com

4/24/2019 - CAS Celebration

4/27/2019 - Kimal Car Show

4/28/2019 - NGSSS-EOC US History CBT Session 1 - 160 min.

4/28/2019 - Make-Ups: NGSSS-EOC Biology

4/28/2019 - NGSSS-EOC Biology CBT Session 1 - 160 Min

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