Name: Stull, Carlyle 



Phone: 941-921-3981 | Fax: 941-921-9900 


Mr. Carlyle Stull has a BA from the University of Virginia in American Government and an MBA from Wake Forest University with concentrations in Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Service Operations.  He has ten years of experience in various small business functions, including accounting, competitive intelligence, and resource management, mostly in the retail and medical service industries.  Carlyle also spent five years as the sole proprietor of a firm specializing in short-term investments and arbitrage, while doubling as a stay-at-home father.  He comes from a family of teachers and was drawn back to education while helping his two daughters with their math homework.

 Carlyle is married to Karen Stull, a guidance counselor at Toledo Blade Elementary School, and has two daughters: Emily, who will attend SPHS beginning in 2017-2018, and Penelope, who is starting middle school.  He spends his free time watching and analyzing as many sports as possible, focusing specifically on basketball and tennis.



5/28/2019 - Diploma Pickup begins

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