As a part of the commitment to SPHS, every student is expected to complete 100 hours of community service prior to graduation, averaging 25 hours a year. While contributing their time and skills to the larger community, students will also be gaining valuable experience and satisfying requirements for Bright Futures Scholarships.  We believe this contributes to a complete education for our students; building their self-esteem and helping to gain valuable job skills for the future.

Application To get started, each student must register through the following link: 
Community Service Registration.  Once their community service activities have been pre-approved, students may log in to their account and print a log sheet.  This log sheet will need to be signed each time the community service is performed, and may be turned in to Ms. Carcifero when all hours have been accomplished.

Opportunities Community Service hours must be served with a local non-profit organization for which the student receives no monetary compensation or at a for-profit agency that has an established volunteer program (such as at a hospital). Students must receive pre-approval prior to serving hours at any organization.

Visit the following links for more ideas:
You can visit the Guidance Office if you have questions or concerns about the Community Service requirements.

If you are a local agency and wish to be contacted about getting help from our SPHS Student Volunteers, contact
Ms. Carcifero in the Guidance Office.

See the Community Service Presentation under "School Resources" tab (right under this document) for more information.


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