Name: Lundquist, Jackie: Physical Education & Dance 

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Phone: 941-361-6464 | Fax: 941-361-6798 



Alexis, Irwin: Theatre
Andrews, Lisa: Cafe Monitor
Bertelsen, Anne: Grade 8 Gifted Social Studies
Bezdek, Corinne: ATA Math
Bordones, Gina: Grade 6 Science
Boyle, Marta: Grade 8 Language Arts
Breslin, Dr. Laurie: Principal
Carabali, Diane: Spanish and ESOL
Cinelli, Denise: Receptionist
Connor, Sally: Grade 6 Language Arts
Davis, Lynsey: Behavior Specialist
Davis, Whitney: Grade 8 Language Arts
Dorr, Carolyn: Grade 6 Science, Critical Thinking
Dunn, Moira: ATA Math
Elsey, Charles: TOSA,Scheduler
Evans, Michael: Technology
Farrell, Kimberly: Grade 6 Gifted Language Arts
Fauvel, Lauren: Grade 8 Social Studies
Filipkowski, Jackie: ESE Aide
Fisher, Michelle: Administrative Assistant
Flatt, Madison: ATA Math
Forbes, Jared: Grades 7 and 8 Science
Frey, Alex: Grade 8 Science
Frisina, Anne: Support Aide
Fronczak, Alicia: Gifted Math
Gager, Amber: Registrar (A-L)
Goldberg, Jillian: ESE
Golumbeck, Kerry: ATA Math
Govic, Claudia: Spanish
Grandusky, Susy: Grade 7 Gifted Language Arts
Greene, Geri: ATA Math
Greer, Debby: Speech ESE
Hall, Melissa: Gifted Math
Hill, Marcia: Custodial Manager
Hitt, Jennifer: ESE
Holmes, Doug: Grade 8 Gifted Social Studies
Houston, Deb: ESE
Jackson, Justine: Grades 7 & 8 Language Arts
Jacobs, Torrey: Health Aide
Jaso, Dr. Jennifer: Grade 6 Gifted Social Studies
Joiner, Colleen: Grade 8 Gifted Language Arts
Joiner, Matthew: Physical Education
Kaiser, Deb: Grade 7 Social Studies
Kendall, John: Music
Kiner, Justin: Grade 6 Gifted Science
King, Cassie: ESE Liaison
Kitson, Molly: Grade 6 Social Studies, CT
Kizziar, Allison: Grade 7 Language Arts
Kohler, Robin: ATA Math
Kuentzel, Chip: SRO
LaBossiere, Karen: Security Monitor
Lachambre, Leo: ATA Math
Lai, Diane: Bookkeeper
Langeneger, Gail: Grade 7 and 8 Science
Larson, Dr. Carmen: School Counselor (A-E)
Lewis, Tamara: Music
Loos, Stacey: Assistant Principal
Lundquist, Jackie: Physical Education & Dance
Lunt, Daniel: ATA Math
Machenheimer, Nicole: Grade 8 Gifted Science
Magill, Betsy: School Nurse
Mangoni, Lisa: Grade 6 Language Arts
Marks, Lindsay: Grade 8 Gifted Language Arts
Marques, Jan: School Counselor (N-Z)
Martin, Sarah: Receptionist, PT Clinic Aide
McQuaid, Lisa: Reading Grades 6-8
Miller, Jennifer: Support Aide
Mills, Jackie: ESE Gifted Liaison
Mocherman, Missy: Grade 7 Gifted Science
Moncayo, Ada: Spanish
Moriarty, Susan: STEM Investigations
Morrison, Ashley: Grade 7 Gifted Social Studies
Mruczek, Steve: Cafeteria Monitor
Muller, Katie: School Counselor (F-M)
Murphy, Robin: Grade 8 Science
Neal, Lorie: Physical Education
Nestle, Heather: Grade 7 Science
Overton, Sandy: Gifted Math
Parker, Paul: Business Ed, Yearbook
Patt, Christy: Grade 6 Language Arts
Perea, Sandra: ISR
Politte, Melissa: ESE Autistic Aide
Reisz, Terri: Grade 6 Science
Robson, Judi: ESOL Liaison
Rogers, Beth: Speech
Ryan, Mary: Gifted Math
Sams, Karla: Grade 6 Gifted Social Studies
Sanderson, Gary: TSP
Sawa, Nadia: Music
Schimek, David: Grade 7 Gifted Social Studies
Schuerholz-Winters, Lisa: Grade 8 Social Studies
Scribner, Travis: Physical Education
Segreto, Laura: Grade 7 Gifted Language Arts
Sharrock, Jason: Grade 8 Gifted Science
Sharrock, Pamela: Grade 7 Science
Showalter, Miriam: ESE
Slegeski, Jennifer: College and Career Advisor
Smisor, Kevin: Grade 6 Social Studies
Smith, Marjorie: Grade 6 Gifted Science
Sorrentno, JoAnn: Cafe Monitor
Stearns, Paulette: Registrar (M-Z)
Stowell, Jerry: Grade 7 Language Arts
Swick, Carla: Grade 7 Gifted Science
Tateosian, Paul: Grade 6 Science
Teal, Brooke: Grade 7 Social Studies
Tharp, Dan: Physical Education Aide
Tharp, Jennifer: ESE Aide
Todd, Nicolle: Gifted Math
Tracey, Brooks: Art
Vergara, Yaneth: ESOL Aide
Wagner, Claire: ESE
Walsh, Kira: Assistant Principal
West, Michelle: Grade 6 Gifted Language Arts
Wiegand, Derya: Attendance Clerk
Williams, Kaitlyn: Reading Grades 6-8
Winstead, Donna: Gifted Math
Wyszomirski, Scott: ATA Math

4/25/2019 - Take Your Child to Work Day

4/25/2019 - SWAT

4/25/2019 - Golf Game

4/25/2019 - Music Man, Jr.

4/26/2019 - FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

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