• American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): A bi-partisan group concerned with educating students about their individual rights and responsibilities as established in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month in 14-201. Sponsor is Ms. Cross.
  • American Sign Language: To encourage previous, current, and interested ASL students to use their signing skills, to be involved in the deaf community, and to have fun!  Meetings are Wednesdays after school until     2:45 PM. Sponsor is Mrs. Paquette.
  • Campus Life/FCA (Youth for Christ): Foster relationships, community, participate in discussions and bible studies. Meetings are Thursdays, 6:55 AM - 7:25 AM, in 13-113. Sponsors are Ms. T. Harris & Ms. Linde.
  • Chess Club: To bring chess play instruction to all students who possess an interest in chess and to provide opportunities to play and compete. Meetings are every Tuesday in 14-201. Sponsor is Ms. Cross.
  • Computer Programming: Club members compete against the top high school programmers in the state at four competitions throughout the year.  We test our skills at solving programming problems, make friends and collect swag. Meetings are every other Wednesday, starting October 4, in 13-204. Sponsor is Mr. Mora.
  • Culinary Club: The Culinary Club is part of the STEM Alliance. We are a service club that prepares food to assist community fundraising activities and create random acts of kindness. Meetings are held one Wednesday per month in 14-125. Sponsor is Ms. Singleton.
  • Drama Guild: To promote experience in theatre and help students who wish to make acting their profession. Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month, 2:30 PM - 3 :15 PM, in 13-140.  Sponsors are Ms. Dweck and             Mrs. Knispel.
  • D-FY: An initiative for area youth up to 12th grade, endeavoring to create a movement of peers who share a commitment to make positive choices and live a healthy, drug-free life. Members receive local discounts and attend special D-FY events.  Enrollment dates, times and locations will be posted on campus.
  • Enviro Club: To explore current environmental issues, educate the community about local environmental concerns, devise solutions/action plans for local environmental issues, compete in EnviroThon, maintain the school garden, and grow food for and feed rescued manatees at Mote Marine. Meetings are Tuesdays,          2:20 PM - 3:00 PM, in 4-143. Sponsor is Mrs. Coppola.   
  • Film Club: To promote creativity, teach new skills (script, writing, editing) and prepare students for AICE Media Studies; scholarship potential. Meetings are Wednesdays, 2:25 PM - 3:30 PM. Sponsor is Mr. Zacharias.
  • FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America): Designed to help students prepare for college and careers through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, community service, academic, and technological skills. Meetings are TBA. Sponsor is Ms. Cantrell.
  • HOSA Government: Students interested in Health Occupation. Meetings are Fridays after school in 14-203. Sponsor is Mrs. Brown.   
  • Humane Society Club: Members have a love for shelter animals and enjoy volunteering at local shelters. Meetings are every other Tuesday after school in 13-119. Sponsor is Mrs. Middleton.
  • Impact: To share the Bible in a positive, encouraging and calm environment. Meetings are 4th lunch, every Tuesday.  Sponsor is Mr. Barwick.
  • LaSertoa (Grades 10-12): Serving school and community through service. Meetings are 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:20 PM in 13-108. Sponsor is Ms. A. Harris.
  • Junto (Grade 10-12): We are a male organization striving to create a more well-rounded student through discussion and debate on questions of moral, politics and social issues. We will use community service as the application of these principles. Meetings are 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:20 PM in 13-208. Sponsor is Mr. Hughes.
  • Key Club: Community Service. Meetings are every Friday at 2:20 PM in 13-108. Sponsor is Ms. A. Harris.
  • Lady Sailor Service Club: To serve the community and the school. Meeting time, location and sponsor are TBA.   
  • National Honor Society (Grades 11 & 12 only): To honor the outstanding student scholars at SHS. Students must have a 3.5 GPA. Meetings are the 4th Monday of the month at 2:25 PM in Tel Studio 13. Sponsors are    Ms. T. Harris & Mr. Havener. 
  • National Arts Honor Society: To promote experiences in the arts. Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month in 5-204. Sponsor is Mrs. Markley. 
  • Poetry Club: Students come to share and listen to original writing. Meetings are Tuesdays at 2:30 PM in 1-205. Sponsor is Mr. Havener.
  • Sailors Log: To design and publish the SHS annual yearbook. The yearbook staff meet daily during 1st period in Mr. Elsbree's room, 1-113.
  • Spanish Club: To promote culture awareness and the practice of the Spanish language. Monthly meetings TBA. Sponsor is Mr. Carrion.
  • Speech & Debate Team: Competitive speech and debate team.  Meetings are Tuesdays, 2:20 PM - 4:00 PM in 13-118.  Sponsor is Dr. St. John.
  • Student Government: To serve as an elected decision-making student body. Meetings are Tuesdays after school in 14-203. Sponsor is Jackie Brown.
  • Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT): SWAT works to change the social norms associated with tobacco.  We also advocate change in local policies in how tobacco is marketed, sold and where it can be used. Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:30 PM in 14-210. Sponsor is Mr. Guss.
  • The Sarasotan: To publish a student newspaper for the students, teachers and staff of SHS.  The newspaper staff meet daily during 8th period in Mr. Elsbree's room, 1-113.
  • TSA (Technology Student Association): For students interested in playing with technology. Meetings are Tuesdays, 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM in 14-106. Sponsor is Mr. VanArsdall.
  • ROTC: Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a high school elective which prepares students (cadets) for college and their future.  Cadets learn how to plan, lead, and develop good study habits and test taking skills.  JROTC provides students with leadership skills, real life situations and enables them to be aware of their rights and privileges as an American citizen. Meetings are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM in 5-106. Sponsor is LTC Christopher Davis.
  • YMCA Achievers: The Y Achievers Program is an academic achievement/career development initiative to help teens set and pursue high educational and career goals, resulting in graduation and acceptance to an institution of higher learning. The Y Achievers provide workshops and mentorship designed to give 9th-12th grade students the tools they need to succeed in college and beyond. Meetings are the first and last Thursday of the month in 14-125. Sponsor is Ms. Singleton. 


12/21/2018 - Professional Day No School

12/22/2018 - Winter Break

12/25/2018 - Winter Break

12/26/2018 - Winter Break

12/27/2018 - Winter Break

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Jones, David P. - Principal
Chase, Ryan - Assistant Principal, Curriculum
Moyer, Becky - Assistant Principal, Administration
Anderson, Michelle - Assistant Principal
Gilliland, Mark - Assistant Principal
Stroughter, Keatrun - Assistant Principal
Ahles, Shane - Social Studies
Albanese, Dana - Guidance Counselor, Kn-Ra
Alexander, Gayle - Math
Alfrey, Charles - Performing Arts, Band & Music
Anthony, Valerie - ESE Liasion, A - K
Art, Greg - ESE Math
Aschenbrenner, Mark - Athletic Director & PE
Ashby, Susan - Math
Barea, Mariela - World Languages
Barresi, Gina - Language Arts, AICE & Reading
Barrett, Brian - Social Studies, ESE & Anchor
Barwick, Raymond - Social Studies
Bell, Jane - Secretary, Admin. Office
Belvin, Mary - Clinic Aide
Berkey, Dean - Testing Coordinator; Math
Booth, Christopher - Science
Brown, Jackie - CTE, Health & Wellness, Physical Education
Brown, Stan - Math
Budd, Barbara - CTE, Web Development
Burggraff, May - Administrative Assistant--Athletics & Testing Coordinator
Cantrell, Tiffany - CTE, Business
Carrion, Carlos - World Languages
Cavallaro, Steve - Social Studies, Anchor
Chasteen, Casey - Guidance Counselor, Re-Z
Clark, Sheila - Registrar
Conti, Star - Guidance Counselor, AICE 11-12
Coppola, Courtney - Science
Costa, Jodi - Science
Cox, Erin - Reading
Crihfield, Sandy - Social Studies
Cross, Sarah - Social Studies
Cullen, Kimberly - English, Anchor
Dale, Valerie - ESE Science
Danczyk, Brittney - Math
Davis. Christopher - ROTC
Day, Amy - Science
Deal, Joy - Attendance Secretary
De Arment, Mary - ESOL & English
Deighton, Kimberly - Math
Dunk, Austin - CTE, Applied Engineering
Durmaz, Candace - ESOL
Dweck, Melissa - Theatre Arts, Drama
Ehlers, Megan - Science
Elsbree, Keith - Yearbook, TV Production & Media Studies
Emmet, Asheley - Social Worker
Epps, Devin - School Resource Officer
Falgowski, Jared - Math
Felden, Kathy - Language Arts
Fields, Michael - Campus Security
Floryjanski, Mary Jo - Visual Arts
Foley, Wendy - Bookkeeper
Folkins, Christina - Reading
Fortner, Dan - Math
Gallucci, Tom - School Resource Officer
Garrett, Casey - Math
Gartland, Keri - At Risk Coordinator; Guidance Chair
Genis, Reina - PE
Gibala, Chris - Social Studies
Gibbens, Kimberly--Social Studies
Godley, Ginger - Nurse
Graham, Susan - Language Arts, ESE
Gunter, Mark - Technology Support
Guss, Maxwell - Math
Hallinger, Colleen - Art
Harris, Ashley - Language Arts
Harris, Taylore - Language Arts
Harshman, Andy - Science
Harshman, Kristina - Science
Havener, Michael - Language Arts
Hilliard, Susan - ESE Liaison, L - Z
Hodge, Alana - Language Arts
Hodges, Spencer - College & Career Center
Holcomb, Griffyn - Theater Technician
Holley, Shawn - Math
Hughes, Adam - Social Studies
Hughes, Cody - Culinary Arts
Humphrey, L'Tea - Administrative Assistant, Guidance
Jacobs, Teresa - ESOL Aide
James, Janice - ESE Aide
James, Mallory - ESE Aide
Janeiro, Ross - Language Arts
Judge, Donna - Campus Security
Kaplan, Deborah - Math
Karas, Stella - Social Studies
Karwatt, Christy - Social Studies
Kaser, Dan - Physics
Keelen, Michael - English
Kennedy, Cathy - ESE Aide
Knispel, Lacey - Theatre Arts, Drama
Labsan, Hermie - ESE Aide
Latronica, Kelly - PE
Lawyer, Bill - Technology Support
Levine, Deborah - Language Arts
Linde, Hope - Language Arts
Markley, Debra - Visual Arts
Masi, Denise - Campus Security
Mavrikas, Amanda - Administrative Assistant, Admin. Office
McElyea, Lou - Receptionist
Mendenhall, Kyle - Math
Middleton, Ashlee - Language Arts & Reading
Middleton, Ken - ESE
Mikulski, Jennifer - Registrar
Miller, Deanna - Math
Miller, Ryan - Science
Miranda, Luis - Science
Moffitt, Valerie - Math
Mora, Glen - CTE, JAVA Development & Programming
Morlock, Allen - Assistant Bookkeeper
Nelson, Shannon - Language Arts, ESE
Oness, Dave - Social Studies
Owen, Tiffany - Language Arts
Paquette, Rebecca - ASL Teacher
Parker, Craig - ESE Aide
Perkins, Robert - Math, ESE & Anchor
Peters, Jeremy - PE
Piearcy, Noemi - ESOL Aide
Price, Jason - Athletic Trainer
Pulphus, Fred - JROTC
Ritchie, Karen - ESE Aide
Roemer, Ashley - Language Arts
Ron-Hernandez, Carolina - ESOL Aide
Rumph, Elizabeth - Media Aide
Rupprecht, Mark - ESE Behavior Specialist
Sanders, Kirby - Performing Arts, Music & Choir
Santiso, Daniel - Science
Saslow, Laurie - AICE Coordinator
Sawyer, Sarah - School Psychologist
Sera, Ed - Social Studies, Physical Education
Seres, Maggie - Administrative Assistant to Principal Jones
Shackelford, Robert - Social Studies
Sharbono, Christian - Social Studies
Shepard, Scott - ROTC
Sherk, Nancy - Reading
Singleton, Christina - CTE, Culinary Arts
Smith, Matt - Substitute--In School Restriction
St. John, Terri - Language Arts
Stafford, Marcus - Long-Term Substitute--Science
Stephens, Cody - ESE Aide
Stevenson, John - Science
Sweitzer, George - Guidance Counselor, Kn-Ra
Swirles, Scott - Social Studies
Taylor, Lauren - Guidance Counselor, A-Do
Terneus, Pamela - ESE Aide
Thomas, Gavin - Math
Timm, Marsha - CTE, Digital Design & OJT
Trinidad, Antonio - Campus Security
Unger, John - World Languages
VanArsdall, Eric - CTE, Applied Engineering & Math
Volz, Ed - ESOL Liason, Scheduling Coordinator
Walters, Brooke - World Languages
Warren, Gerry - ESE Aide
Warren, Mary Ann - ESE Autistic Aide
Weccele, Kristina - Math
Weeks, Elizabeth - ESE Aide
Wells, Dana - Math
Wells, Joeline - Language Arts
Wexler, Anita - Visual Arts
Wozniak, Tim - Campus Security
Zacharias, Jeff - Language Arts
Spells, Shelley--Administrative Assistant, AICE