Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Sarasota High School, proud home of the Sailors. Thank you for taking the time to explore our website!

Sarasota High School offers the most comprehensive
high school experience of any school in southwest Florida!


This is a bold statement! Please continue reading and exploring so that you understand why we can state this with such confidence! Whether you are a current student or the parent of a prospective high school student, we want you to know that we are very proud of our school, our traditions, and our numerous accomplishments.


               We are Sarasota!

                            We expect success;

                                           We create the environment that breeds success;


We put forth the effort to ensure that success happens!


As a University of Cambridge AICE school, we offer our students abundant opportunities to prepare for their post-secondary education and career goals. We guide our curriculum and instruction towards college ready benchmarks at each grade level.  We understand and respect that some students may choose not to attend college, but we want college to be a viable option for every one of our graduates. We believe that students who are ready for college are also better prepared for the military and work.

We believe that all students can and must learn.  As a school, we are committed to Excellence and Equity for our students. We know that we will not be truly excellent until we can ensure that college preparation and acceptance is the standard for all our graduates. We are proud of our increasing number of students who are recognized at the national and international levels for their academic accomplishments, particularly in the STEM arena.

College-Level Course Offerings, Preparation, and Scholarships

  • Do you know that our high school students can earn the MAXIMUM number of college credits that universities accept prior to graduating from Sarasota High School? 

o   Just last year, 97 of our seniors earned an AICE diploma! This was the third largest number in the entire state, and each of these students was 100% eligible to receive the highest level of Bright Futures Scholarship possible (Florida Academic Scholars). These students receive an award to cover 100% of tuition and applicable fees and $300 for both fall and spring semesters for additional educational expenses!

o   Sarasota High School has earned "Top in USA" and "Top in World" in Cambridge Scholar Awards

o   SHS currently offers 26 different AICE classes

o   One of our recent graduates was awarded over 50 college credits at University of Florida as a freshman.

o   We are continually expanding our offerings, and we will offer twenty-nine AICE classes for the 2018-19 school year.

o   Students may take a combination of AICE, Advanced Placement, and Honors courses according to what best meets their individual needs.

  • Do you know that Sarasota High School’s MaST Research Institute has the most Science Fair winners in the district, year after year, and has numerous student recognitions at the State, National, and International level?
  • Do you know Sarasota High School has won the STEMsmart Student Summit competition for the past three years?
  • Do you know that Sarasota High School is the only high school in the district to partner with Florida State College School of Medicine to offer the SSTRIDE (Science Students Together Reaching Instructional Diversity & Excellence) program for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine?
  • Did you know that Sarasota High School is the only high school in the district to offer concurrent enrollment courses in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Aeronautical Engineering Program?
  • Do you know that Sarasota High School offers numerous opportunities for students to explore and deepen their knowledge in eight different “Career and Technical Education” programs? Our offerings include the following:

o   Applied Engineering Technology (Certifications: Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Solidworks)

o   Business Management and Analysis (Certifications: Microsoft Office, Quickbooks)

o   Culinary Arts (Certification: ServeSafe)

o   Digital Design (Certifications: Microsoft Office, Photoshop)

o   Food Science Applications (Certification: Agri-technology Specialist)

o   Health and Wellness/Exercise Science (Certification: Emergency Medical Responder)

o   Java Development and Programming

o   Web Development (Certifications: Microsoft Office, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash)

  • We offer the opportunity to explore other career and technical education opportunities by allowing qualified students the opportunity to take their academic subjects on our campus in the morning and CTE courses at Sarasota County Technical Institute in the afternoon. We provide the transportation and pay the course fees.
  • Arts at Sarasota High School

o   Did you know our visual arts department participated in Education Foundation’s CreateSRQ by getting 13 pieces into the Top 25?  Our magnificent student artwork generated a total of $12,850 for Education Foundation.

o   Did you know that our marching, jazz, and concert bands, orchestras, choirs, and drama department regularly receives the highest “Superior” rating in their adjudications?

  • Do you know that Sarasota High School has numerous notable alumni? We have way too many to list, but here is a sampling:

o   Joe Ayrault - former professional baseball player (Atlanta Braves)

o   Paul Azinger - professional golfer, 1993 PGA Championship winner and winning captain of 2008 Ryder Cup team

o   Greg Blosser - former professional baseball player (Boston Red Sox)

o   Joe Cash - world champion water skier

o   Doug Corbett - former professional baseball player (Minnesota Twins, California Angels, Baltimore Orioles)

o   Ian Desmond - MLB shortstop for the Colorado Rockies

o   Jimmy DuBose - former professional football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), 1975 SEC Player of the Year

o   Page Dunlap –LPGA Tour, Individual NCAA Division I Championship in 1986.

o   Scott Dunlap - professional golfer on the Champions Tour, class of 1981 valedictorian

o   Ken Forssi - bassist with Love

o   Adrian Garrett - former professional baseball player (Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, California Angels)

o   Wayne Garrett - former professional baseball player (New York Mets, Montreal Expos, St. Louis Cardinals)

o   Scooter Gennett - professional baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds

o   John-Ford Griffin - former professional baseball player (Toronto Blue Jays)

o   Herb Haygood - former professional American football player (Denver Broncos)

o   James Houser - former professional baseball player (Florida Marlins)

o   Tim Johnson – former NFL player (Pittsburg Steelers, Washington Redskins, Cincinnati Bengals)

o   Derek Lilliquist - former professional baseball player (Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds)

o   Ed Price - state legislator

o   Bobby Seay - former professional baseball player (Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers

o   Eric Skoglund - MLB pitcher for Kansas City Royals

o   Joey Terdoslavich - professional baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates)

o   Skippy Whitaker - retired basketball player (Boston Celtics)

o   Hugh Yancy - former professional baseball player (Chicago White Sox)

Every year of high school is precious, and we want our students to maximize the many opportunities offered at Sarasota High School. We believe that each student is special, and we strive to find the best ways to tailor the experience to the individual student. We encourage our students to get involved in the life of our school and the greater SHS community. Most of our students are involved in activities and clubs, athletics, volunteer work, or leadership. Our students are multi-talented, and we are committed to helping them become well-rounded citizens. Our ultimate goal is to encourage every student to be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity. 

Sarasota High School is committed to…

  • Providing rigorous instruction
  • Maintaining a safe and respectful environment
  • Developing socially responsible individuals in their community and beyond

How does this translate into the finest and most comprehensive high school experience for our students? Please continue to explore our website to discover great information about our academics, athletics, academies, visual and performing arts, and extra-curricular offerings.


We are Sarasota!


This is the place to receive a high-quality education. We have an outstanding facility and staff who provide a first-class 21st Century education to your student.  We look forward to meeting and working with all of our SHS families. We support a high level of parent involvement in our school, and we encourage you to be actively involved in your high school student’s education. Together as a team, school and home, we will continue to achieve excellence.

Wishing you an outstanding school year! Please call us if we can assist with your child’s success at Sarasota High School. Go Sailors!

David Jones 


12/12/2019 - White Christmas

12/13/2019 - White Christmas

12/14/2019 - White Christmas Matinee

12/14/2019 - White Christmas

12/17/2019 - Winter Gala

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Jones, David P. - Principal
Chase, Ryan - Assistant Principal, Curriculum
Moyer, Becky - Assistant Principal, Administration
Anderson, Michelle - Assistant Principal
Gilliland, Mark - Assistant Principal
Stroughter, Keatrun - Assistant Principal
Ahles, Shane - Social Studies
Albanese, Dana - Guidance Counselor, AICE, Grades 9-10
Alexander, Gayle - Math
Alfrey, Charles - Jazz Band, Orchestra, Guitar
Arias, Brandy - Registrar
Art, Greg - ESE Math
Aschenbrenner, Mark - Athletic Director & PE
Ashby, Susan - Math
Barea, Mariela - World Languages
Barresi, Gina - Language Arts, AICE & Reading
Barrett, Brian - Social Studies, ESE & Anchor
Barwick, Raymond - Social Studies
Bell, Jane - Attendance
Belvin, Mary - Clinic Aide
Berkey, Dean - Math
Booth, Christopher - Science
Brown, Jackie - CTE, Health & Wellness, Physical Education
Budd, Barbara - CTE, Web Development
Burggraff, May - Administrative Assistant--Athletics & Testing Coordinator
Carnes, Brion - Campus Security
Carrion, Carlos - World Languages
Carroll, Jennifer - Science
Cavallaro, Steve - Social Studies, Anchor
Chasteen, Casey - Guidance Counselor, N - Z
Collingwood, Hope - Language Arts
Conti, Star - Guidance Counselor, AICE 11-12
Coppola, Courtney - Science
Costa, Jodi - Science
Cox, Erin - Reading
Crihfield, Sandy - Social Studies
Cullen, Kim - English, Anchor
Dale, Valerie - Math
Danczyk, Brittney - Math
Davis. Christopher - ROTC
Day, Amy - Science
Deal, Joy
De Arment, Mary - ESOL & English
DeFrancisco, Amber - School Resource Officer
Dennis, Patricia - Science
Dugan Weccele, Kristina - Math
Dunk, Austin - CTE, Applied Engineering
Durmaz, Candace - ESOL
Dweck, Melissa - Theatre Arts, Drama
Ehlers, Megan - Science
Elsbree, Keith - Yearbook, TV Production & Media Studies
Falgowski, Jared - Math
Felden, Kathy - Language Arts
Fields, Mike--First Step Outreach Specialist
Floryjanski, Mary Jo - Visual Arts
Foley, Wendy - Bookkeeper
Fortner, Dan - Math
Garrett, Casey - Math
Gartland, Keri - Reading
Garvin, Victoria - Social Studies
Genis, Reina - PE
Gibala, Chris - Social Studies
Gibbens, Kimberly--Social Studies
Godley, Ginger - Nurse
Gozder, Deana - Social Worker
Graber Luz, Rachel - Spanish
Graham, Brian - Behavior Specialist
Graham, Susan - Language Arts, ESE
Gunter, Mark - Technology Support
Harris, Ashley - Language Arts
Harris, Taylore - Language Arts
Harshman, Andy - Science
Harshman, Kristina - Science
Hetherington, Allie - Long-Term Sub, Circus Arts
Hodge, Alana - Language Arts
Hodges, Spencer - Student Success Center
Hoffman, Cody - Media Center
Holley, Shawn - Math
Holton, Kevin - School Resource Officer
Hughes, Adam - Social Studies
Humphrey, L'Tea - Administrative Assistant, Guidance
Jacobs, Teresa - Aide
James, Janice - ESE Aide
James, Mallory - ESE Aide
Jones, Jazmine - Media Center
Judge, Donna - Campus Security
Kaplan, Deborah - Math
Karas, Stella - Social Studies
Karwatt, Christy - Social Studies
Kaser, Dan - Physics
Keelen, Michael - English
Kennedy, Cathy - ESE Aide
Knispel, Lacey - Theatre Arts, Drama
Kuhns, Wendy - Engineering
Labsan, Hermie - ESE Aide
Latronica, Kelly - PE
Lawyer, Bill - Technology Support
Leiper, Chris - Band Director
Levine, Deborah - Language Arts
Markley, Debra - Visual Arts
Masi, Denise - Campus Security
Mavrikas, Amanda - Administrative Assistant, Admin. Office
Mazurek, Livia - Science
McElyea, Lou - ESE Aide
Mendenhall, Kyle - Math
Middleton, Ashlee - Language Arts & Reading
Middleton, Ken - ESE
Mikulski, Jennifer - Registrar
Miller, Deanna - Math
Miller, Ryan - Science
Miranda, Luis - Science
Moffitt, Valerie - Math
Montgomery, Valerie - Business
Mora, Glen - CTE, JAVA Development & Programming
Morlock, Allen - Assistant Bookkeeper
Moseley, Amanda - School Psychologist
Motz, Maria - Reading
Nelson, Shannon - ESE Liaison A - K
Oness, Dave - Social Studies
Pepsin, Tiffany - Language Arts
Paquette, Rebecca - ASL Teacher
Perkins, Robert - Math, ESE & Anchor
Peters, Jeremy - PE
Phinney, Allison--First Step Outreach Specialist
Price, Jason - Athletic Trainer
Pulphus, Fred - JROTC
Roemer, Ashley - Language Arts
Ron-Hernandez, Carolina - ESOL Aide
Royer, Ashley - Science
Rumph, Elizabeth - Culinary Arts
Rupprecht, Mark - ESE Liaison L - Z
Sanders, Kirby - Performing Arts, Music & Choir
Santiso, Daniel - Science
Saslow, Laurie - AICE Coordinator
Scuilla, Alison - Long-Term Sub, Receptionist
Sera, Ed - Testing Coordinator
Seres, Maggie - Administrative Assistant to Principal Jones
Seres, Norbert - Performing Arts Technician
Shackelford, Robert - Social Studies
Shepard, Scott - ROTC
Sherk, Nancy - Reading
Simmons, Reshard - ESE Aide
Singleton, Christina - CTE, Culinary Arts
Smith, Matt - In School Restriction
Spells, Shelley--Administrative Assistant, AICE
St. John, Terri - Language Arts
Stafford, Marcus - Science
Stephens, Cody - ESE Aide
Sterling, Courtney - Guidance Counselor, G - M
Stevenson, John - Science
Stiglitz, Joyce - Teacher on Special Assignment
Sturzu, Sarah - Social Studies
Sweitzer, George - Guidance Counselor
Swirles, Scott - Social Studies
Taylor, Lauren - Guidance Counselor, A - F
Terneus, Pamela - ESE Aide
Thomas, Gavin - Math
Torres, Sandy - Long-Term Sub, Spanish, Business Education
Tosi, Lynn - Career Advisor
Trinidad, Antonio - Campus Security
Uribe, Juan Carlos - ESOL
VanArsdall, Eric - CTE, Applied Engineering & Math
Volz, Ed - ESOL Liason, Scheduling Coordinator
Walters, Brooke - World Languages
Warren, Gerry - ESE Aide
Warren, Mary Ann - ESE Autistic Aide
Weeks, Elizabeth - ESOL Aide
Wells, Dana - Math
Wells, Joeline - Language Arts
Westberry, Jeffi - At Risk Coordinator
Wexler, Anita - Visual Arts
Wilcoxson, Alexandra - Science
Wiseman, Brody - PE
Wozniak, Tim - Campus Security
Zacharias, Jeff - Language Arts