The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a guideline for curriculum development that is designed around concept based teaching* and inquiry based learning*. The framework is held together by six transdisciplinary themes* that the IB has determined have global significance. The PYP focuses on the development of the whole child by teaching specific attitudes* and the attributes of the Learner Profile*. The goal of the PYP is to address the whole child, to encourage independent lifelong learning, to gain understandings relevant to our world, and to support global awareness and citizenship.


Essential elements in the PYP



The five essential elements of the PYP are:

  • knowledge, which is both disciplinary, represented by traditional subject areas (language, maths, science, social studies, arts, PSPE) and transdisciplinary
  • concepts, which students explore through structured inquiry in order to develop coherent, in-depth understanding, and which have relevance both within and beyond subject areas
  • skills, which are the broad capabilities students develop and apply during learning and in life beyond the classroom
  • attitudes, which contribute to international-mindedness and the wellbeing of individuals and learning communities, and connect directly to the IB learner profile
  • action, which is an expectation in the PYP that successful inquiry leads to responsible, thoughtful and appropriate action.



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