Dress Code 


All school board personnel on campus are authorized to enforce the dress code, and any student not following the dress code will be asked to change into appropriate clothing and check the other item(s) with administration to be picked up at the end of the day. Parents may be contacted to bring a change of clothing, but the student will not be allowed out on campus during the interim.

Any student who continues to wear inappropriate clothing is subject to further disciplinary action and due process. Administration will have the final determination and interpretation of the dress code.

North Port High School students are expected to use good judgement when dressing for school and all related events. The following dress code practices are required:


  • Bandanas are NOT permitted to be worn on campus.
  • Caps and hats may not be worn in the interior of any classroom, cafeteria, or office. They may be worn in outside areas.
  • Hats worn in imitation of gang fashion will be required to be turned in to administration.



  • Shirts must have sleeves of some sort: No halter or tube tops or sheer shirts.
  • Shirts must completely cover the midriff- the abdomen may not be exposed.
  • Showing excessive cleavage is NOT allowed.



  • Shorts, pants, and skirts must fit and be worn at the waist/hip and NOT reveal undergarments.
  • The midriff areas must be covered when the student is moving about.
  • Bottoms may NOT have revealing holes.
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be below mid- thigh length.



  • Must be fastened and worn at ALL times.
  • Bedroom slippers are not allowed.
  • Flip flops are not recommended. NPHS accepts no liability for accident or injury related to the quality of footwear.


The following specific dress practices are NOT allowed on campus or at events:


  • Any stretch lycra, spandex, or tights that that are revealing, show undergarments, or lack thereof
  • Leotards, biker pants, dance tights, or underwear worn as outer garments
  • Any apparel that displays obscene words, pictures, or designs
  • Any apparel that has sexually suggestive pictures, designs, or words
  • Any apparel referencing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Oversized coats/ trench coats
  • Sunglasses inside buildings
  • Combs or picks worn in the hair
  • Any apparel, headwear, jewelry, accessory, or manner of grooming that is identified as disruptive to the educational process or gang related
  • Headphones and earbuds are not to be worn during class transitions.

6/17/2019 - Baseball Conditioning 6:30am - 10:00am

6/17/2019 - VBall Skills Camp 9-12

6/17/2019 - Boys Cross Country 9am - 11am

6/17/2019 - B & G Weights 11:15-12:30

6/18/2019 - Spring Football Practice Jun 3 - Jul 24 8am-11am & 3pm-4:30pm

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