Science Fair Winners! 

Please congratulate our Science Fair Winners. MMS had the MOST winners in the district for Middle Schools!!!!  Outstanding!!!  At McIntosh Middle School we are Committed to Excellence…and Destined for Greatness!!!


1st Place in Behavioral & Social Sciences - Thy Le and Mary Nugen for their project titled Mandala Effect

1st Place in Chemistry - Gavin Putnal - for his project  titled The Best Offense is a Diaper Defense

1st Place in Earth & Environmental Sciences - Kassie Greenen for her Plant Filtration project

2nd Place in Plant Science Category - Jackie Anders  for her project Killing Weeds Naturally

2nd Place in Mathematics  & Computational Sciences - Casey McDonald for his project titled Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play


Special Congratulations to Kassie Greenen and Gavin Putnal who  were chosen to  represent Sarasota District at State Science Fair Competition in Lakeland  on March 28-29 and 30.

** Click on the following link to see the Article about the State Science Fair:

I am so proud of all of our winners!!!



Dr. Harriet D. Moore


McIntosh Middle School

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