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Administration - Wilson, Raymond, Principal
Administration - Christine Oliver, Assistant Principal
Administration - Wasserman, Heather, Assistant Principal
Office Staff - Admin. Asst. to Principal, Sue Parrish
Office Staff - Bookkeeper, Tricia Card
Office Staff - Receptionist, Julie Graszl
Office Staff - Registrar, Lucki Cook
Office Staff - Registrations, Lori Vazquez
Tech Support - Kevin Clipse
School Resource Officer, Tracey Neeley
Campus Security - Mindy Sichling
Support Staff - Counselor (Gr. 5-8), Michael Reichman
Support Staff - Counselor (Gr. K-4), Gabrielle O'Berry
Support Staff - College & Career Advisor, Cory Hutchinson
Support Staff - ESE Behavior, Kate Costigan
Support Staff - ESE Liaison, Eliana Sirocchi
Support Staff - ESE Liaison, Vacant
Support Staff - ESE Behavior, Heather Petz
Support Staff - ESE Liaison - Bethany King
Support Staff - ESOL Teacher, Laura Wardlaw
Support Staff - Speech & Language, Beth McCurdy
Support Staff - Speech & Language, Jennifer Egloff
Support Staff - Speech & Language, Shellie Rubin
Teacher - ESE Resource 3rd, Lori Lawrence
Teacher - 5th Grade, Samantha Dorsett
Teacher - Kindergarten, Amanda Carter
Teacher - Kindergarten , Nicolette Fourman
Teacher - Kindergarten, Keisha Lay
Teacher - Kindergarten, Pam Smith
Teacher - Kindergarten, Tami Ingerick
Teacher - 1st Grade, Ashley Glass
Teacher - 1st Grade, Gretchen Hughes
Teacher - 1st Grade, Joan Schumacher-Martin
Teacher - 1st Grade, Mindi Lay
Teacher - 1st Grade, Nicole Nguyen
Teacher - 1st Grade, Victoria Smetts
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Christina Tweed
Teacher - 2nd Grade, Dawn Blaszczyk
Teacher - 2nd Grade, Theresa Laliberte
Teacher - 2nd Grade, Judy Novak
Teacher - 2nd Grade, Janya Smolker
Teacher - 2nd Grade, Rose Lasorso
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Susan Porvaznik
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Katie Stritz
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Heidi Swedberg
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Laura Wardlaw
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Lisa Hackler
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Renea Arko
Teacher - 3rd Grade, Susan Miller
Teacher - 4th Grade Sarah Drachler
Teacher - 4th Grade, Aja Lowe
Teacher - 4th Grade, Joanne Reiss
Teacher - 4th Grade, Joshua Chin-Yee
Teacher - 4th Grade, Andrea Pettibone
Teacher - 4th Grade, Kimalee Rowley
Teacher - 5th Grade, Adrianna Hunt
Teacher - 5th Grade, Barbara Stella
Teacher - 5th Grade, Deborah Ostermeyer
Teacher - 5th Grade, Kristine Alcala
Teacher - 5th Grade, Kim Schenke
Teacher - 6th Grade Language Arts, Julie Fortune
Teacher - 6th Grade Math, Robin Ipe
Teacher - 6th Grade Resource, Christina Roarty
Teacher - 6th Grade Science, Barbara Stella
Teacher - 6th Grade Social Studies, Maria Gianoplus
Teacher - 6th Grade ELA & Creative Writing Pamela Jane O'Connor
Teacher - 7th & 8th Grade LA Support, Shari Dembinski
Teacher - 7th & 8th Grade Math Support, Kim Gilchrist Owens
Teacher - 7th Grade Language Arts, Cory Williams
Teacher - 7th Grade Math, Jean Williams
Teacher -7th Grade, Greg Lindquist
Teacher - 7th Grade Science, Alicia Bartol-Thomas
Teacher - 8th Grade Language Arts, Darlene Warm
Teacher - 8th Grade Math, Kate Lynn
Teacher - 8th Grade Science, John Ryan
Teacher - 8th Grade Social Studies, Sean Darby
Teacher - Autism Unit , Primary K-2, Ashley Wiemken
Teacher - Autism Unit, Intermediate 3rd -5th Grade, Jennifer Thompson
Teacher - Autism Unit, Pre K, Joanne Ash
Teacher - Autism Unit, 3-5, Scott Anderson
Teacher - Intellectual Disabilities , Middle School, Chris Hradek
Teacher - ESE Resource Gr. K-2, Jeannie Holderman
Teacher - ESE Resource Gr.4-5 Julia Wright
Teacher - VE Self Contained, Grade k-3, Lissette Crouch
Teacher - Elementary Art, Melanie Chamberlain
Teacher - Elementary Music, Charles Allen
Teacher - Elementary Phy. Education, Joe Marisi
Teacher - Horticulture & Science Lab K-5, Kelli Carter
Teacher - Literacy Team, Barbara Rann
Teacher - Literacy Team, Early Intervention,Sheryl Cutrona
Teacher - Literacy Team,Reading Resource, Tracy Pisano
Teacher - Media Specialist - Technology K-5 Matt Delaney
Teacher - Middle School Art, Kristi Shackelford
Teacher - Middle School Band, Angela McKenzie
Teacher - Middle School Orchestra, Amanda Bauman
Teacher - Middle School Phys. Education, Dean Theros
Teacher - Middle School Phys. Education, Joy Lynn
Teacher - Middle School Technology CTE, Cindy Schlotterback
Teacher - Odysey Grade 6 Math & Science., Shala Rossheim
Teacher - Odyssey 6th Grade Language Arts, Social Studies Mollie McBride
Teacher - Odyssey 7 & 8 Grade Math, Dave Schramm
Teacher - Odyssey 7 & 8 Social Studies, Shamus Lapean
Teacher - Odyssey 7&8 Grade Lang. Arts, Derek Jones
Teacher - Odyssey 7th & 8th Grade Science, Shannon Rasbury
Teacher - 7th Grade ESE Resource
Teacher - Spanish, Karla Blecke
Teacher Assistant - Catherine Couet
Teacher Assistant - Daisy Thompson
Teacher Assistant - Breanna Jones
Teacher Assistant - Denise Moore
Teacher Assistant -Jeanette Leone
Teacher Assistant - Helen Farmer
Teacher Assistant - Jane Holcomb
Teacher Assistant - Deborah Gerack
Teacher Assistant - Joan Griffith, AIC
Teacher Assistant - Janet D' Angelli
School Nurse - Milicent Urie
Health Room - Luanne Pare'
Health Room -Ayesa Clower
Teacher Assistant - Keeli Murdock
Teacher Assistant - Vivian Haga
Teacher Assistant - Robin Maher
Teacher Assistant - Sharon Hall
Teacher Assistant - Janet Digan
Cafeteria Staff - Michelle Monty, Food Service Manager
Cafeteria Staff - Debora Stewart
Cafeteria Staff - Brenda Seal
Cafeteria Staff - Kathleen Garber
Cafeteria Staff - Linda Vaughn
Cafeteria Staff - Lisa Edmond
Cafeteria Staff - Tracy Randles
Cafeteria Staff - Judy Demerson
Cafeteria Staff - Judith Walker
Custodial Staff - Caroline Shriner, Head Custodian
Custodial Staff - John Moran, Day Custodian
Custodial Staff - Monte Westlund
Custodial Staff - Linette Stiffler
Custodial Staff - Magdalina Petrus
Custodial Staff - Mark Vanderploeg
Custodial Staff - Katherine Collins
Custodial Staff - Terry Weldy
Custodial Staff - Volodymyr Pushkash
Custodial Staff - Viktor Petrus
Monitorial Aide - Ken Stewart
Monitorial Aide - Vacant
Teacher - 3D Art, Dorthy Cory

9/23/2019 - Tennis HC @ LNS

9/23/2019 - Volleyball HCMS @ LNS

9/27/2019 - Go Gold Team Spirit Day to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Research with Rocky the Bull from USF

9/27/2019 - Back to School Fun Night for Middle School

10/2/2019 - PTO Dairy Queen Fundraiser

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