STEMsmart Survey Information 

As reported by Mark Pritchett of Gulf Coast Community Foundation in SRQ Daily the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation funded expansion of STEMsmart classroom technology to all language arts and social studies classrooms at Sarasota Middle School. This pilot tested whether the technology and instructional methods could be transferred to these other subjects. Evaluation results said “yes,” with more than 80 percent of students reporting they were more engaged and found learning more enjoyable. As one eighth-grader in a Sarasota Middle School language arts class said last school year, the difference between learning in his old and learning in his new classrooms “is like the difference between looking through a wall and looking through a window.”

With funding from Gulf Coast and the Barancik Foundation, the technology and instructional methods are being implemented in all middle school language arts and social studies classrooms. As part of that implementation, we will be asking teachers, parents, and students for their feedback to ensure that we continue to have a positive impact on students learning. Students will be asked to complete a short survey about their classroom experience. Please call the independent evaluator, Dr. Shelley Robertson, at 239-633-3241 if you have any questions. 

9/23/2019 - Tennis HC @ LNS

9/23/2019 - Volleyball HCMS @ LNS

9/27/2019 - Go Gold Team Spirit Day to Benefit Pediatric Cancer Research with Rocky the Bull from USF

9/27/2019 - Back to School Fun Night for Middle School

10/2/2019 - PTO Dairy Queen Fundraiser

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