Name: Penny Shaer 



Phone: 941-474-3247 | Fax: 941-474-0872 


A little bit about me……..I am Canadian born, but moved to New York State when I was 6 months old and became a citizen in 1976 (our Bicentennial Year!).  I have lived all over the U.S. Northeast, plus Maryland, and South Carolina, and England for just a few months!

After earning my B.S. degree in Business from Southern Connecticut State University, and deciding I never really wanted to work in the business world, I earned my Master’s Degree in Counseling from College of St. Rose in Albany, NY.  I began my career as a school counselor in Estill, SC, which is a nice quiet country town in the low country. A great place to raise a child, which I did until my daughter was 6.  

I love being a school counselor and working at Englewood Elementary School!  My certifications are in K-12 School Counseling, K-6 Elementary Education, and have also achieved my National Board Certification in School Counseling.   

When not at school, I enjoy walking my 3 dogs, Pixy, Daisy, and Maddie.  I have a very big, blue-eyed cat named Pippin who likes to cuddle.  I also love to travel, read, cook, exercise, and spend time with family and friends! 



Kindergarten - Clem, Stephanie
Kindergarten - Cole, Liz
Kindergarten - Grannan, Veronica
Kindergarten - Malik, Meredith
Kindergarten - Mather, Fran
Kindergarten - Ridley, Courtney
1st Grade - Brookshier, Jamie
1st Grade - Brown, Diane
1st Grade - Davis, Sarah
1st Grade - Gravel, Nicole
1st Grade - Ham, Stephanie
1st Grade - Monda, Cathy
1st Grade - O'Connor, Theresa
Grades 1-3 combo - Germain, Sandra
2nd Grade - Sanchez, Mary
2nd Grade - Stiver, Hannah
2nd Grade - Rembisz, Katherine
2nd Grade - Rhoads, Callen
2nd Grade - Woike, Kim
3rd Grade - Baggett, Natalie
3rd Grade - Hanrahan, Lauren
3rd Grade - Miccio, Nicole
3rd Grade - Milliken, Amy
3rd Grade - Watson, Grace
4th Grade - Douglas, Kim
4th Grade - Tameris, Jessica
4th Grade - Ramirez, Corinne
4th Grade - Roberts, Kelly
4th Grade - Sciandra, Summer
5th Grade - Brooks, Jolene
5th Grade - Conway, Elise
5th Grade - Dowd, Karen
5th Grade - Maitland-Shank, Kristen
5th Grade - Smith, Anne
Assistant Principal - Ziarnicki, Ellen
Custodian - Roy, Randy
Custodian, Head - Pelowski, Doug
Office Receptionist - Massing, Marsha
ESE Aide - Arnold, Tamson
ESE Aide - Christensen, Lori
ESE Aide - DePietro, Maureen
ESE Liaison Resource - Lugar, Pamela
ESE Resource - Avola, Samantha
ESE Resource - Shephard, Jean
ESE Teacher - Kirby, Jason
ESOL Liaison Paraprofessional - Nicipurenko, Claudia
Food Service Manager - Rodriquez-Baez, Lourdes
Food Service - Lamb, Danielle
Food Service - Lewis, Daisy
Food Service - McGurk, Rosa
Food Service - Randles, Tracy
Food Service - Strates, Linda
Food Service - Zucchero, Karen
Media Aide - Brewer, Vicki
Monitorial Aide - Corby, Karen
Monitorial Aide - Langston, Marie
Monitorial Aide - Rojas, Michelle
Monitorial Aide - Slonina, Heather
Occupational Therapy - Adams, Jennifer
Office Administrative Assistant - Onken, Stacy
Office Bookkeeper - Browder, Michelle
Office Clinic Aide - Kinkade, Debra
Office Registrar - Mason, Kathy
Principal - Grossenbacher, Mark
School Psychologist - Brasco, Marla
School Resource Officer - Arnold, Marc
School Social Worker - Gozder, Deana
Specials Art - Hinck, Dawn
Specials Music - Buckstein, Tricia
Specials Guidance - Shaer, Penny
Specials PE Aide - Sills, Rik
Specials PE - Cole, Dan
Specials, Science - Baker, Rachel
Speech - Gersen, Robin
Tech Support - Silverman, Jeri

12/12/2019 - Family Reading Night & Family Mileage

12/19/2019 - Family Reading Night & Family Mileage

12/20/2019 - End - Quarter 2

12/21/2019 - Winter Break

12/22/2019 - Winter Break

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