Thank You EES Partners in Education!

On behalf of the staff and students at Englewood Elementary School, please accept our sincere thanks for choosing to become a Partner in Education with us. We look forward to building a relationship with you.

Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 2018-2019 School Year  


Kindergarten Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 
Jonathan and Lauren Varner have adopted Mrs. Malik's Kindergarten class.   


A Better Scoop Ice Cream has adopted Mrs. Cole's Kindergarten class.


Jon & Dana Bauer have adopted Mrs. Mather’s Kindergarten class.


Island Team of Paradise Exclusive Real Estate has adopted Mrs. Gravel’s Kindergarten class.


Right at Home has adopted Mrs. Ridley’s Kindergarten class.


Dan & Kristin Stickley have adopted Mrs. Clem’s Kindergarten class.


First Grade Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 
Remax Palm Realty has adopted Mrs. Brown's 1st grade class.  

Body Shaping Fitness has adopted Mrs. Ham's 1st grade class.

The Faro Family have adopted Mrs. O’Connor’s 1st grade class.


Erika Groff has adopted Mrs. Hendricks’ 1st grade class.


Hank Marrangoni Realtor has adopted Mrs. Davis’ 1st grade class.


_____ has adopted Mrs. Brookshier’s 1st grade class.


Second Grade Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 
 Bushwacker Tree Service has adopted Mrs. Woike's 2nd grade class.

The Hayden Family has adopted Mrs. Rembisz's 2nd grade class.

The Heights Aluminum, Inc. have adopted Mrs. Stiver's 2nd grade class. 


Jessi Pasternak has adopted Mrs. Rhoads’ 2nd grade class.


______has adopted Mrs. Sanchez’ 2nd grade class.


Third Grade Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 
The Heights Aluminum, Inc. have adopted Mrs. Watson's 3rd grade class. 

Susan Slack has adopted Mrs. Milliken’s 3rd grade class.


Jennifer Alexander has adopted Mrs. Miccio’s 3rd grade class.


The Savchenko Family has adopted Mrs. Baggett’s 3rd grade class.


________ has adopted Mrs. Hanrahan’s 3rd grade class.


Fourth Grade Adopt-a-Class Sponsors
PC management has adopted Mrs. Douglas's 4th grade class.  

The Remer’s Family has adopted Mrs. Roberts’ 4th grade class.


The New Faull Inn has adopted Mrs. Tameris’ 4th grade class.


Goodyear Shoe Products has adopted Mrs. Ramirez’ 4th grade class.


______ has adopted Mrs. Sciandra’s 4th grade class.


Fifth Grade Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 
Porter Contracting has adopted Mrs. Smith's 5th grade class.  

An anonymous donor has adopted Mrs. Conway's 5th grade class.

The Onken Family have adopted Mrs. Shank’s 5th grade class.


Nicolas’s Italian Kitchen has adopted Mrs. Brooks’ 5th grade class.


Gale Ruth has adopted Mrs. Dowd’s 5th grade class.


Exceptional Student Education Adopt-a-Class Sponsor

Turbo by Tiff has adopted the ESE Programs

Special Area Programs Adopt-a-Class Sponsors 

Cindy Googins has adopted the Guidance Program.

Ashton & Kendall Boyer have adopted the Computer Education Program.

Right at Home has adopted Helping Hands.


K&K Eye Center/Dr. James Eugenides & Wendy Wendel have adopted Helping Hands.


The Beadle Family has adopted Mrs. Hinck's Art classroom.  


The Oyster Creek Activities Club has adopted Mrs. Hinck’s Art classroom.


The Oyster Creek Activities Club has adopted Mrs. Buckstein’s Music classroom.


______ has adopted Coach Cole’s Physical Education Program.


______ has adopted Mrs. Baker’s Science Lab Program.


______ has adopted the Media Center Program.


______ has adopted the Principal's Initiatives Program.


 ______have adopted Speech and Language classrooms.


______ have adopted Mr. Kirby’s Class  


______ have adopted Mrs. Van Dyke’s Class


______ have adopted Family Reading Night


______ have adopted Campus Beautification


______ have adopted Office Support


______ have adopted Reading Recovery