Image of Mrs. Rigell

Dedication Ceremony - March, 2008

On Wednesday, March 26th, 2008, the staff of Emma E. Booker was gathered together in the media center to dedicate a section of the media center in remembrance of a great friend, teacher, mother, wife, and our principal, Gwendolyn Tose'-Rigell. Artist Shawn Voelker captured the essence of Gwen with a charcoal portrait that will hang above the children's books Gwen & Steve donated for Emma E. Booker students to enjoy. Gwen will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. Her picture will serve as a reminder for the passion and love she demonstrated for her students, staff, and community. She was a hope peddler, a bridge builder, a peace maker, and one who could be trusted and counted on when there was a need. Many were touched by her kind spirit and words can not express the gratitude we have for her leadership and dedication to Emma E. Booker. We will always remember you, Gwen, and will continue to serve the children with passion, compassion, and the dedication that you've demonstrated over the past 12 years. Thank you!

When ..... for Gwen written by Ronnique Major_Hundley, December 27, 2007
 Inspired by one Phenomenal Lady, Gwendolyn Tosé-Rigell
 You will always be remembered and loved.

When I think that I can't do it,
I'll remember how she did it.

When I think that I'm too weak,
I'll remember how strong she was.

When I feel that I'm all alone,
I'll remember that she's always with me.

When I feel that I can't make it through,
I'll remember how she talked and prayed me through my own personal dramas.

When I feel there is no fight left in me,
I'll remember how she fought with more strength than Muhammad Ali.

When I think I can't take anymore,
I'll remember how she took on more than humanly possible.

When I think I can't find the right words to say,
I'll remember how eloquently she'd say it.

When I think I can't go on without her,
I'll remember how she carried on about Him, for Him, and because of Him.

** Ronnique Major-Hundley - current staff member

Knowing an Angel with eternal love and admiration, written by David Fultz

I had the fortune of knowing an Angel,
hailed from heaven above.
Delivered to earth as a gift from God,
to spread enlightenment and love.

She stood for justice and compassion,
for those whose voice the world did not hear.
A righteous warrior armed with power,
to confront all tribulations without fear.

I had the privilege of knowing an angel,
who changed the world with her essence.
Who helped me to laugh, learn, dream and hope,
I became better by being in her presence.

She brought the best out in each of us,
and in her passing my heart does weep.
She was my teacher, my mentor, my friend,
the lessons she taught, in my soul I will keep.

If you close your eyes and calm your breath,
still your heart and let your hearing roam.
You will catch sound of heavens' trumpets,
as God welcomes another angel home.

** David Fultz - previous Assistant Principal for Mrs. Rigell