To continue our school wide positive reward system that will enhance the learning environment of our students by focusing on positive characteristics which promote achievement.

Overview of System

 Students will earn Cuda stamps when demonstrating appropriate “Teach To’s”

 Students will be responsible for keeping track of their Cuda stamps in their agenda in the
“PBS reward” section.

 Students can bank their Cuda stamps for bigger events and or prizes.

Teachers Role

 Teachers will issue Cuda stamps throughout the day.

 Teachers can issue anytime they see the observed “Teach To’s”.

 Cuda stamps are issued in the front of student agendas in the “PBS reward” section.

 Teachers can issue Cuda stamps to ANY students ANYTIME throughout the day.

 Teachers cannot take Cuda stamps away. Once they are earned it belongs to the student.

** All stamps must be on the reward stamp pages. Pages must be attached at all times.**