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A little bit about me...I grew up stomping barefoot through the Florida swamps, jumping over quicksand patches, running from boars and catching alligators at  There were nine of us without counting the ones who came to spend the night and never leaft! :) Continuing that tradition, I have seven children and another one who calls me "Mom"  They range from 16 years old to 35 years old.  They have given us eight incredible grandkids of whom we are very proud.  My husband is a retired Sarasota County firefighter/paramedic.  My heart's desire was to have a degree in Psychopharmacology, but instead I followed in my mother's footsteps and became a teacher.  She piloted the ESE programs in the state of Florida.  Teaching has become my passion.  I have a degree in elementary education and hold certificates in middle school integrated curriculum (core subjects), ESE K-12, SLD, SED, and Reading.  I am currently investigating a post graduate program for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Down time is still spend on the water and in the


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Alvis-Greenwald, Debra: Administrative Assistant
Ard, Holly: Social Studies
Barber, Melissa: Cambridge, ELA
Batista, Pedro: Dance
Baxter, Richard: Technology
Bell, Traci: Gifted & Talented Language Arts Grade 6 and 7
Bogart, Cheryl: Title I Reading
Burbridge, Theresa: Graphic Design
Carocci, Paula: Civics
Carpenter, Isaiah: Grade 6 Advanced Math
Caka, Kerin: Language Art 7th grade
Chapman, Joi: VPA Chorus
Clark, Tracy: Guidance Counselor All Grades A-Me
Claude, Amy: CTC
Clay, Kim: Reading and Literacy Coach
Cohen, Allison: Math Grade 6
Collins, Chanequiva: Media
Curry, Regina: Teacher Aide
Daher, Carolyn: Paraprofessional Aide
Daniels, Kay: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Reading
Dubose, Deanna: STEAM Science
Dulitz, Kim: Front Desk Reception and Attendance Clerk
Dumas, Susan: ELA Resource
Durrstein.Jennifer: Receptionist - Discipline Office
Dwulit, Theresa: 7th & 8th Grade Math
Everist, MaryPat: Language Arts
Fox, Joanna: Creative Writing
Frazier, Ed: Behavior Technician
Friday, Michael: Science
Frost, Dr. LaShawn: Principal
Glahe, Michele: ISR
Gordon, Georgia: Math and ESE Teacher
Grady, Luke: Social Studies Grade 6
Gross, Cindy: ESE Liaison
Hart, Karen: Math 7th grade
Heath, Donna: Language Arts Grade 6
Heggs, Vivian: Reading Teacher
Hicks, Sam: Math Grade 7
Hiers, Dawna: Paraprofessional Aide
Hill, Richard Colby: Social Studies
Howard, Kathy: Security Aide
Jenkins, Derek: Assistant Principal
Jones, Japara: Cafe Monitor
Jones, Ron: Paraprofessional Aide
Kerr, Cheryl: ELA Resource
Leal, Daniel: Academic Intervention and Behavior Support
Lee, Stephanie: Reading Grade 7
Lopez, Erin: Home School Liaison
Lowrey, Cindy: Reading
Martin, Will: Orchestra
Mason, Kyle: Teacher, PE
McCarthy, Sean: Science 7th grade
McDonald, Lynne: Science Grade 8
Meralus, Tonya: PE Aide
Mills, Carrie: Drama and Musical Theater
Montes, Troy: Paraprofessional Aide - ESOL
Montuori, Crystal: ELA
Morrow, George Ann: Civics Grade 7
Nielsen, Greg: Band
O'Dell, Angela: Math Grade 6
Officer Gipson: School Resource Officer
Parker, Cameron: Assistant Principal
Peltier, Katerina: Math Pre-Algebra
Pineda, Nilsa: Paraprofessional Aide
Powell, Jennifer - Science Teacher - Gifted
Ramon, Rick: TV-Film
Ramos, Alba: ESE ESOL Gifted Liaison
Ranck, Liz: Science Grade 8 STEAM
Robinson, Teresa: Registrar
Rodriguez, Nora: Clinic
Roediger, Charles: Social Studies
Rowan-Enright, Mary: Speech-Language
Rowe, Lindsay: Pre-Algebra
Rowland, Kyle: Mathematics - 8th grade
Ruby, Sara: Science Grade 7 and 8
Schaeffer, Grace: Academic Interventionist & Master Scheduler
Scherzer, Jessica: Social Studies Grade 6
Shafer, Holly: Social Studies
Shaffer, Haley: Social Studies Grade 6
Silva, Carlos: Guitar
Skogen, Brent: Science
Slegeski, Devin: Paraprofessional Aide
Smith, Venetta: LA Grade 6
Stephanides, Angela: Gifted Algebra Geometry
Steig, Stacey: Gifted LA
Swartzendruber, Courtney: ELA
Talcott, Sunny: SDI-InD
Termine, Nick: Career Advisor
Thomas, Amy: Science 6th grade
Thomas, Cheryl: Guidance All Grades Mi-Z
Thomas, Wendy - Sarasota Against ViolencE: Prevention Coordinator(1)
Uribe, Juan: Spanish
Viverito, Louise: Math Resource
Ward, Caitlin: 2D and 3D Art
Weger, Alan: Math Grade 6
Wilkinson, Michelle: U.S. History
Woods, Chuck: Behavior Specialist