Name: Traci Bell 

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9:37 a.m. - 10:36 a.m. 

A little bit about me... I am proud to be a Floridian! I was born in Tampa, FL. but raised in Miami, FL for the great bulk of my childhood.  I attended the University of Floridafor undergraduate school and majored in English Pre-Law, with concentrations in American Literature, Advance Writing and the African Diaspora.  Although I was admitted into several law schools, growing-up in both urban and rural communities inspired me to want to work with children.  I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to inspire, motivate and educate students on all instructional levels and to hopefully show them that dreams can indeed become true.


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Acerb, Sergio: Orchestra
Alvis-Greenwald, Debra: Administrative Assistant
Ard, Holly: Social Studies
Barber, Melissa: Cambridge, ELA
Batista, Pedro: Dance
Baxter, Richard: Technology
Baylou, Olympia: Science
Bell, Traci: Gifted & Talented Language Arts Grade 6 and 7
Burbridge, Theresa: Graphic Design
Campbell, Latonya: School Psychologist
Carpenter, Isaiah: Grade 6 Advanced Math
Caka, Kerin: Language Art 7th grade
Chappell, Kathryn: ELA
Clark, Tracy: Guidance Counselor All Grades A-Me
Claude, Amy: CTC
Clay, Kim: 8th Grade ELA
Cohen, Allison: Math Grade 6
Collins, Chanequiva: Media
Culbertson, Corey: IT
Curry, Regina: Paraprofessional Aide
Daher, Carolyn: Paraprofessional Aide
Daniels, Beau: Campus Security
Daniels, Kay: 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Reading
Dieter, Karen: Science
Dilego, Anastasia: School Social Worker
Dozier, Tramus: Math Resource
Dubose, Deanna: STEAM Science
Dumas, Susan: ELA Resource
Durrstein.Jennifer: Receptionist - Discipline Office
Dwulit, Theresa: 7th & 8th Grade Math
Eash, Leah: Reception and Attendance
Everist, MaryPat: Language Arts
Fox, Joanna: Creative Writing
Frazier, Edward: Behavior Technician
Friday, Michael: Science
Frost, Dr. LaShawn: Principal
Gaba, Karen: Paraprofessional Aide
Glahe, Michele: Paraprofessional Aide
Grady, Luke: Social Studies Grade 6
Gross, Cindy: ESE Liaison
Hart, Karen: Science
Hascall, Vilma: Paraprofessional Aide
Heath, Donna: Language Arts Grade 6
Hicks, Sam: Math Grade 7
Hill, Richard Colby: Social Studies
Hollaway, Nicholas: Social Studies
Jarvis, Matthew: Chorus
Jenkins, Andre: School Resource Officer
Jenkins, Derek: Assistant Principal
Jones, Japara: Cafe Monitor
Jones, Ron: Paraprofessional Aide
Kerr, Cheryl: ELA Resource
Leal, Daniel: Academic Intervention and Behavior Support
Lee, Stephanie: Reading Grade 7
Lopez, Erin: Home School Liaison
Mason, Kyle: Teacher, PE
McCarthy, Sean: Science 7th grade
McDonald, Lynne: Reading
Meralus, Tonya: ISR
Mills, Carrie: Drama and Musical Theater
Montes, Troy: Paraprofessional Aide - ESOL
Morrow, George Ann: Civics Grade 7
Nielsen, Greg: Band
Parker, Cameron: Assistant Principal
Peltier, Katerina: Math Pre-Algebra
Pineda, Nilsa: Paraprofessional Aide
Powell, Kristopher: Adjunct Dance Teacher
Powell, Jennifer - Science Teacher - Gifted
Ramon, Rick: TV-Film
Ramos, Alba: ESE ESOL Gifted Liaison
Robinson, Teresa: Bookkeeper
Rodriguez, Nora: Clinic
Roediger, Charles: Social Studies
Rowan-Enright, Mary: Speech-Language
Rowe, Lindsay: Pre-Algebra
Rowland, Kyle: Mathematics - 8th grade
Schaeffer, Grace: Academic Interventionist & Master Scheduler
Schementi, Chris: Science(1)
Scherzer, Jessica: Social Studies Grade 6
Shafer, Holly: Social Studies
Shaffer, Haley: Social Studies Grade 6
Silva, Carlos: Guitar
Skogen, Brent: PE
Smith, Venetta: ILA Reading
Stephanides, Angela: Gifted Algebra Geometry
Steig, Stacey: Gifted LA
Sutter, Sonia: Registrar
Swartzendruber, Courtney: ELA
Talcott, Sunny: SDI-InD
Termine, Nick: Career Advisor
Thomas, Amy: Science 6th grade
Thomas, Wendy: Math Grade 6
Thomas, Cheryl: Guidance All Grades Mi-Z
Van Amber, Forrest: ELA
Viverito, Louise: Math Resource
Ward, Caitlin: 2D and 3D Art
Weger, Alan: Math Grade 6
Wilkinson, Michelle: U.S. History
Woods, Chuck: Behavior Specialist
Wright, Claudia: Spanish