Gifted and Talented Academy

Cultivating the best leaders of today and tomorrow through Arts, Technology, Community and Culture!

The Gifted and Talented Magnet Program began in 1997.  Its purpose is to offer gifted and high achieving students an enriched and enhanced environment in which to develop the multitude of skills, talents and questions that these students bring to the academic arena.  

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Academy Highlights



  • To help mold and shape our students into good citizens of the world.

  • To foster student development in the areas of intellect, creativity, community awareness, and cultural sensitivity and diversity.

  • To help students continue academic success, become productive members of society and assume a leadership role in the community.


Our students’ use of technology is refined to include real world purposes, such as presentation design, spreadsheet design and management, also web-based problem solving.

Student Activities

All of our students keep a comprehensive portfolio of their accomplishments.  Some of their activities                   

  • Open Ended Problem Solving
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Interdisciplinary Thematic Units
  • History Alive! and Geography Alive!
  • Science Fair
  • History Fair
  • High School Credit Courses
  • Literature Circle
  • Author Studies
  • Published Books
  • Book Publishing
  • Information Literacy Awareness
  • Independent Learning Projects
  • Advanced Research and Writing
  • Website Design
  • Reader's Theatre & Dramatic Performances
  • Oral Presentations
  • Biography & Autobiography Studies
  • Technology Integration

Family and Community Involvement

In addition to parent-teacher conferences, student-led conferences allow our students to share their strengths and discuss the areas they need to improve.