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This week has also afforded our school community the unique opportunity to honor the memory and legacy of our founder, Emma E. Booker.   As Dr. Shelley has shared, there is a trip planned to St. Petersburg to assist in the maintenance of the historical African-American graveyard, Lincoln Cemetery.  As with many practices in the past, when Emma E. Booker was laid to rest she was buried in a segregated cemetery.  Sadly, like many of the vestiges of racism, the resources to care for and protect the sacred grounds of those buried at Lincoln Cemetery are scarce. 

There is a community service initiative scheduled for Saturday Nov. 4th.  A school bus will depart from BHS at 7:15 am.  Volunteers will travel to St. Pete to participate in a project to help with much needed maintenance.  Please see the attached flyer for specific details. Snacks and water will be provided.    

When - Saturday 11/4 from 7:15 am - 1:00 pm

Where - Lincoln Cemetery - St. Petersburg. Bus transportation provided for students and staff.  

What - volunteer opportunity for the Booker schools  

Who - any interested staff or student group/organization - field trip forms must be completed and returned by Wed. 11/1 - available in 1st floor fishbowl 

Why - to assist in the maintenance of the final resting place of our school’s namesake, Emma E Booker. Students can earn 6 hours of community service through Mr. Andrews.   

6/6/2019 - Staff Meeting

6/11/2019 - SAC Meeting

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