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The Booker High School Law Academy provides students with a rigorous academic program in conjunction with course work in Law Studies and Criminal Justice.  Booker High School is fortunate to have the support of the Sarasota County Bar Association and local law enforcement professionals in providing students with curriculum materials, real world experiences and expertise.  A mock courtroom is set up to simulate a real courtroom to allow students to apply their knowledge and skills by conducting mock trials. 


Mock Courtroom

Students select from one of two paths within the Law Academy.  During the first year, each student gains a foundation in Law Studies and Criminal Justice courses.  In the second year, students select which pathway they want to follow; the Law Studies program or the Criminal Justice program.  There are opportunities for students to complete all of their core academic courses, as well as the option to complete courses that offer potential college credit.  Please click here to see the course progression chart for the Law Academy.

Another crucial component of the Law Academy is the opportunity for students to earn Microsoft Office certification in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  These certifications prepare students to enter the workforce with tangible and valuable skills. 

The Law Academy is a four year progression program that provides students with options to earn college credit while in high school.  Booker High offers multiple academically rigorous courses.  Students select from Cambridge AICE, Dual Enrollment (DE), or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  All of these courses can lead to college credits. 

If you are interested in the Law Academy, here's some information that can help you navigate the next steps. Hover above and click the documents below for Frequently Asked Questions, the application, requirements of admission into the Academy, and to request a shadow. 

Law Academy FAQ and Policies 

Law Academy Shadow Request Form

 Law Academy Entrance Agreement and Guidelines For Eligibility

Law Academy Application

After you have completed your Booker High School LawAcademy Application please email it directly to A member of our Law Academy will contact you shortly regarding your application. Thank you.

For more information, please contact the Law Academy Coordinator, Ryan Kelley, or our Magnet Administrative Assistant, Nancy Wachendorf. 


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