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Performance Based Diploma Program

What is the Performance Based Diploma Program?

Performance Based Diploma Program is an initiative of the Academic Intervention Department of Sarasota County Schools for students who are at risk of not graduating at the end of four years in high school. PBD utilizes the internationally recognized APEX Learning software computer-based online core curriculum.  Four certified teachers work individually and in small groups with students to meet their graduation core course requirements.  The PBD program offers an on-site alternative education program serving students who have not reached their potential in the traditional classroom and possibly deficient in credits. This self-paced program allows motivated students to complete half-credit course in less than a semester.  Grade forgiveness is available to replace D or F grades, thereby improving students’ GPAs. 

What do students need to be successful in the PBD Program?

Like all Booker High students; good attendance, appropriate behavior and use of electronics, computer use for APEX coursework only, and focus on learning sets students up for success.  However, student’s self-motivation is definitely the best predictor of completion of credits.  Students should complete at least two assignments, quizzes and/or tests each week to earn a half credit in less than  a semester [18 weeks] or a full credit in less than two semesters [36 weeks].  Students will be put in the PBD Program at any time in the school year to offer an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.  Every student needs to recognize that PBD is not a social hour!  Students enrolled in PBD must maintain appropriate progress, desire to graduate and demonstrate self-motivation to succeed.  Students are urged to continue APEX course work outside at home if internet service for computer is available, otherwise do not expect students to complete homework.  Only Unit Tests and Finals must be completed under the teacher’s direct supervision.  All other assignments can be completed online outside of the classroom.  Parents, to familiarize yourself with APEX, have your child show you the APEX orientation.

How can parents/guardians access course grades and progress?

APEX course quiz and test grades and progress is reported weekly though emails* directly from APEX.  Quarterly Progress Reports and Report Cards are available either via email* from the PBD teachers or printed and sent home with the student. Please Note:  PBD grades and completed credits will not appear on the district printed reports and Crosspointe does not access PBD courses. Completed credits will only appear on PBD quarterly progress reports, report cards and on transcripts.  The PBD teachers are available through emails and phone.

*Submit your email address if you wish to receive weekly progress updates from APEX and emailed PBD quarterly progress reports and report cards. 

PBD Staff:


Pamela Inman, Lead Teacher & Mathematics

Gerald Scott, Science                                               

Karen Skoyec, Social Studies                                 

Sandy Yerkes, English                                              


6/6/2019 - Staff Meeting

6/11/2019 - SAC Meeting

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