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A Million Reasons to be Grateful

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As the administrator in charge of ACE, I am excited and humbled that we have surpassed the milestone of over one million dollars in class sales for the 2016-17 school year.  When you consider that many of our classes cost less than $50, this is an incredible feat that speaks to the quality of our community members.  It is apparent that our community is filled with those who love to learn, to grow and to expand their minds.  That's what lifelong learning is about - that and the desire to connect with like-minded individuals.


Having such a successful adult enrichment program that is housed within a K-12 school district is not common.  It is only possible when you have incredibly qualified teachers who love to share their passion, those who are willing to pay to learn and grow, and a school district that is willing to provide the needed support.  In Sarasota, the School Board recognizes the importance of lifelong learning as an important contributor to a quality community.  To this end, they provide ACE at Suncoast Technical College the space in which to hold classes.  The ACE program pays for all the costs of running the program: staff, instructors, registration system, equipment and supplies.  The money we bring in goes back out into the community in the form of teacher salaries, contracted services and the supplies we purchase from local vendors.  

ACE is known for its welcoming culture. We know we are lucky to have the students and teachers who make up our program.  Now we have a million reasons to be grateful.  Thank you, Sarasota.

Laura Kelley Trubac, MPA

Program Manager, Adult & Community Enrichment

Suncoast Technical College

Sarasota County Schools