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900+ Agree - Lifelong Learning Pays Off!

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I don't know what blows my mind more...the fact that the summer has wound down or that we have finally moved into our new space! Fall registration started today and we registered a record number – over 900 registrants in one day!  That easily breaks our prior record of 739.  I am beyond appreciative of the ACE staff – even with such a hectic day the compliments from our students were plentiful. 


Between the students who came to register in person and those who phoned-in, we could definitely tell that the community is as excited as we are about the upcoming semester.  We apologize for those who were not able to get through, but we hope you understand!  You still have time if you haven’t registered yet – each class still has availability, so browse through our website or catalog for a complete listing of our wide range of courses.


Regardless which classes you choose, be sure that the adult enrichment class will have many benefits – for both you and the community. I wanted to take this time to briefly stress the benefits of lifelong learning on well-being.


According to the International Handbook of Lifelong Learning, well-being is considered one of the most important outcomes of adult learning – not just for the individual, but for the community as well.


In terms of the individual, “the accumulated evidence points to positive associations between participation in learning and subjective well-being, and between participation in learning and mental health.” Learner confidence and self-esteem are direct benefits that are constantly mentioned in professional and measurable research. In addition to direct benefits, lifelong learning can positively increase earnings and employability.


On a collective level, adult learning often results in community engagement by enhancing social capital, helping develop social competences, extending social networks, and promoting shared norms and tolerance of others.


Let ACE help you boost your self-esteem and extend your network. Our new facilities provide an even greater opportunity to do so.


We look forward to seeing you over the next few days for registration and during the Fall semester!  Keep in mind that we register for classes until it begins or becomes full.


Source: Field, John. "Is Lifelong Learning Making a Difference? Research-based evidence on the Impact of Adult Learning." Second International Handbook of Lifelong Learning(2012): 887-97.