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New in North Port

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New in North Port...

Put down the brushes and pick up a cup, because we are going to flip some paint onto a canvas or two! Come on the adventure known as Acrylic Paint Pouring, the techniques that are taking the world by storm. You will start the adventure by learning the basics of Acrylic Paint Pouring, also known as Fluid Art. This fun class is completely hands-on, from mixing your own paints to flipping your own cups. You will quickly become addicted to this art form and amazed at the beautiful abstract painting that you will create with your very first canvas.

This is the ultimate in controlled chaos – and you never have to pick up a brush! Your hands, and the paint, will do all the work. You will learn the proper way of mixing your paints and loading your cups for the perfect pour. You will also learn how to manipulate the canvas to alter the flow and shape of your artwork. Once you have learned the basic technique, the adventure continues with more advanced techniques, including fun accessories like balloons and straws, funnels and strainers. Don’t miss the fun and adventure!


Your instructor is Pam Schmidt, who was a Crime Scene Investigator for two decades and an instructor in forensics – as well as many art and craft fields – before her retirement. She has taught classes in jewelry making, scrapbooking, bookbinding, alcohol inks, and, more recently, acrylic paint pouring. In retirement, Pam turned her attention to art full-time and began learning as much as she could about the things that were happy and fun (which were many!). When she discovered Acrylic Pouring and Fluid Art (which includes alcohol inks, resin, and paint marbling), she knew she had found her niche.


Wanting to learn all she could, she quickly realized that there was no place to take classes specific to acrylic paint pouring other than private classes here and there. So, she created one (she's also a well seasoned and skilled Conference Planner). She created Pouring Artists INTernational, whose sole purpose is to offer a multiday conference solely featuring classes about fluid art from skilled instructors throughout the country. This year is the very first event, and it's being held in Orlando. The events that Pam is planning will travel throughout the country, but she remains here in our community to be able to teach you. You can visit her website to see the classes available for this year's event. The website is


Pam will also be teaching classes in Alcohol Inks this summer – another "fluid art" medium requiring a little finesse and know-how! Alcohol inks need nonporous surfaces for you to best discover their magic, such as treated paper, acetate, glass, leather, or plastic. Fine artists and beginners are taking up the inks to create absolute masterpieces and having fun while doing it.


Alcohol ink often yields spontaneous and unexpected results that are quite beautiful works of art, but the ink can also be directed, with practice, to make landscapes, still lifes, and other artworks. Alcohol ink lends itself well for not only pieces of art but home decor and jewelry items as well. The creative possibilities are endless. It has a magical effect that no other medium can replicate!


This class is designed to get you started so you, too, can explore this medium and become addicted to what you can create in inks!


Classes in Acrylic Pouring and Alcohol Ink are offered at the Sarasota campus as well as North Port. Call or go online for details.