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Let ACE help you experience life.

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Let ACE help you experience life. 


Recent behavioral science research demonstrates why spending money on new experiences actually produces more happiness than spending money on ‘things’.  Not only does the anticipation leading up to an experience create a sense of happiness, but the impression that it leaves you with during and after the experience satisfies you more than just buying ‘stuff’.  In the book "Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending", the authors promote five principles to adhere to in order to get the 'biggest happiness bang for your buck.'  The first of these principles?  To buy experiences.


Take this into account while exploring the upcoming class offerings from ACE.  It is never too late to start learning a musical instrument or art technique.  Or, alternatively, take advantage of owning your ‘things’ and turn them into experiences – such as with our technology classes.  As always, ACE strives to enhance your time and experience by providing a large variety of classes in a supportive and like-minded environment with other lifelong learners.  


Our upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 session reflects our desire to provide the community with classes to enhance happiness. For our current students, we hope you continue to enjoy our regular and new class offerings.  For our prospective students, we hope that you let us show you what we are all about!