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Boomers+ Seeking Work Past Retirement: More Than a Trend

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Three in four American workers say they intend to work past retirement age. Slightly more of them say it’s because they want to do so, not because they have to, according to a 2013 poll from Gallup.

This study revealed that 40% percent of employed Americans said they will voluntarily work into their upper 60s and beyond, while 35% said they will be forced to do so by financial necessity.  A separate report by insurer Northwestern Mutual, found that 32% of Americans expect to work into their 70s, while one in 10 think they’ll toil away into their 80s.

We know that meaningful engagement takes many forms, including working for pay.  At the Institute for the Ages, a 501c3 research and education center, we are looking at ways to tap into the desires of older adults to contribute in the workforce. Boomerswork, a Canadian company, is working with the Institute for the Ages as the test site for We are asking Boomers+ and area businesses to test and adjust the model, so it is relevant and efficient for US businesses and American Boomers+ candidates. is a platform for businesses seeking seasoned talent and for retired or semi-retired professionals/managers who still want to use their experience/skills for term contracts/projects.  To participate and find out more, please take a minute to complete a short survey

Many people want or need to explore how to prepare for a new work project/career.  ACE offers numerous options to help people update and enhance their skills or to prepare for new work/career opportunities. Learning to enhance productivity with new or existing technology and exploring encore career possibilities can be the push a person needs to feel confident to enter the workforce again.

Working can have multiple benefits for older adults.  There are the social benefits that come with being a part of an organization.  Health benefits accrue from the physical and mental activity required to work.  Financial benefits abound, particularly if a person is dependent on inadequate retirement savings or uneasy about the uncertainties surrounding Social Security.  And with older adults contributing experienced labor and earning income that fuels consumer spending, the economy benefits as well.

Stacy Prouty, Chief Operating Officer

Institute for the Ages