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Record-Breaking Registration!

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Over 3600.  That's how many registrations ACE has processed already for the Winter Session.  And it isn't over - we have 100's of classes starting throughout January, February, March and April.  How can this be in the age of the Internet?  Because there is a synergy in a classroom full of life long learners that can't be duplicated by watching YouTube. 

ACE has hit the lifelong learning trifecta of great classes, great teachers and a top-notch facility - all at affordable prices.  Another factor in our success is our students.  Without those of you who want to continually learn and grow, we couldn't exist, let alone thrive.  So thank you for letting all of this be possible!

People always ask me what classes filled the fastest.  For the past few years, the answer is always Elaine Charney's wonderful watercolor classes.  In fact, her classes filled during our Patron Pre-Registration Day!  That led us to pull her class listings from our catalog - not wanting to disappoint potential students by listing classes that were unavailable.  The problem with that was many wondered if she still taught for us.  I'm happy to report that our affiliation with Elaine is as strong as ever, and we are thrilled to have her teaching for us! 

Other perennial favorites are Ann Moore's tennis classes and all things Ipad and Iphone.  The surprise hit has been our new Staging Your Home to Love It or List It.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on the class for a few minutes and can tell it will be an ongoing favorite - interactive and fun with several guest speakers.

There are so many great classes yet to start.  Hope you can join in the fun!


Laura Kelley Trubac, MPA 

Program Manager, ACE

Suncoast Technical College