Frequently Asked Questions

I moved over the weekend.  Who do I contact to get a new bus stop for my child?

Routing is based upon the legal address the school has on file for a student.  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide documentation of address to the school. The school will make the necessary changes. Then you may notify the Transportation Department, and ask for the Route Supervisor for you child’s school. Transportation will assign a safe bus stop, in alignment with School Board policy and State guidelines.

Why does it take 7-10 days to establish a new stop for my child?

To establish a new, safe bus stop location a new route must be identified and then reviewed by a Transportation Department staff member for any potential hazards.  If the new stop requires a time change for other students on the bus, we must notify them for at least two days of the new times.  Parents are responsible for the safe transportation of their child to and from school or the closest existing bus stop until the new stop information has been communicated to them.

When may I apply for Courtesy Transportation for my Child? 

You may apply for Courtesy after the first ten (10) days of school. This gives us time to establish load levels, and correct overcrowded buses. You must come to the Transportation Office at 301 Old Venice Rd. Osprey, Fl. to fill out the required forms, or call the Route Supervisor for your child’s School. This must be completed each year, as courtesy does not carry over to the next year.

Whose responsibility is it to inform me that my child’s bus was going to be 1 ½ hours late?

A bus is late when it has not arrived more than 30 minutes after its scheduled arrival time. When a bus is late due to unforeseen circumstances, the school is contacted and it is their responsibility to contact the parents.

Who is responsible for informing me that a stop was moved or there is a different drop off or pick up time? 

The Transportation Department notifies the schools of any route or time changes.  Some schools send that information home to parents. The Bus Driver will notify students on the bus for at least two days of any change.  For Elementary students, the driver will give written documentation to students.

There is a special ed. stop located next door to me going to the same school.  Can my child ride that bus instead of walking a mile to current stop?

Due to special needs of students on these buses, we do not allow courtesy transportation on special needs buses, except for siblings, if there is space available.

Why is my child, who is a magnet student, any different than a regular ed. student?

District wide magnet students, high school academy students, alternative program students, and students in other similar programs will be routed on an arterial basis (i.e., buses are restricted to operating on main roads only, the number of bus stops are limited, and often the bus rides  exceed 60 minutes).  School bus stops may be farther than 1.5 miles from the students’ residences. Parents are responsible for getting children to and from stops safely. Parent’s responsibilities are outlined in Florida Statute 1006.21(3)(a), State Board of Education Rule 6A-3.001

Can my child use one stop in the AM and another in the PM?

Students must use the bus stop closest to their home address. However they may ride to a different address in the PM, providing you have filled out a request form, and turned it in to Transportation. Once we have determined that there is room on the bus, permission may be granted.

Can a stop be set up for after school care for my child?

Some elementary schools have an on-site daycare program. We do not transport to other day care locations, and we cannot add stops for child care purposes.

Can I drive my child to an alternative bus stop?

Per school board policy, a student is assigned a stop based on their legal address. A student can not cross more then two lanes of traffic while walking to their assigned bus stop. This is based on their walk path from their legal address to the bus stop. We do not grant courtesy transportation for a stop where a child would have to cross multiple lanes.

Is Transportation provided for Choice Students?

School Bus Transportation for Choice is only provided on a space available basis, using existing stops.

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