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 Sarasota County Schools Farm to School Program 

Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) purchases fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs from local farmers, including Jones Potato Farm in Parrish, Joshua Citrus in Arcadia, M&B Products (milk and orange juice) in Tampa, and many other farmers throughout Florida. Our FNS Director, Beverly Girard, PhD, MBA, RD, is a leader in the Florida Farm to School movement, having spoken at multiple national and regional conferences, including the Florida School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Orlando, the National PTA Conference in Fort Lauderdale, and the Arkansas Farm to School meeting in Little Rock. 

In 2014, the district was the recipient of one of only eight nationally awarded Farm to School Implementation Grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The $100,000 grant funding was used to enhance existing programs that bring local produce to school cafeteria menus, with the objective of having Florida-grown produce representing 50% of the district’s entire produce budget. Other benefits of the grant included expanding school gardens and arranging field trips for students to local farms.

Benefits of Farm to School

 Sarasota County Schools Food & Nutrition Services is very dedicated to Farm to School because of its many benefits, including the following:

  •   Local produce is fresher from field to plate and therefore retains greater nutrients and flavor. 
  • Farm to School produce has been shown to increase children’s willingness to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Local food circulates money within the community and supports our local economy
  • Farm to School supports jobs in Florida. 
  • Decreasing the distance food travels from farm to plate reduces fuel emissions, a more environmentally responsible choice, helping keep our air clean. 
  • Farm to School helps educate students about the origins of our food. 
  • Supporting local farms protects and enhances Florida farmland. 
  • Local area farmland increases food security in our region in the event of a natural or other emergency. An interdependent local food system ensures continued access to fresh foods. 
  • School gardens teach students how plants grow and where food comes from and are shown to increase kids’ acceptance of fruits and vegetables.  

School Gardens 

 Sarasota County schools are abundant with school gardens! Currently, thirty-one of our schools host gardens, and they are ripe with learning opportunities: Students learn not only how plants grow and where food comes from, but many other subjects as well such as history, math, science and culinary arts. Students who participate in school gardens are shown to have a greater likelihood of trying and liking fruits and vegetables! 

Food and Nutrition Services seeks to not only increase the proportion of Florida-grown food on the school lunch tray, but integrate the knowledge students gain in the classroom and school garden into the cafeteria experience. 
 If your school garden is planning to increase production and would like to see school garden produce in school meals, please see our Garden to Cafeteria Guide.

Farm Field Trips

 Field trips to local farms are a great opportunity for children to learn about where and how food grows. The local farms below welcome school field trips: 

 Crowley Folk School, Sarasota: Students will learn how pioneers lived and survived through hands-on butter-making, seeing farm animals, and hankie puppet shows. Contact phone: 941-322-1000; Email:

 Geraldson Community Farm, Bradenton: Kids will get their hands dirty as they learn about organic farming. Contact Phone: 941-792-0985; Email:

 Hunsader Farm, Bradenton: Children get an educational and hands-on experience on farm life and vegetables, including a hay ride! Contact Phone: 941-322-2168.

 Mixon Fruit Farms, Bradenton: Tram rides guide visitors through the citrus grove, touching on the history of citrus farming in Florida.  Students will also learn about native Florida wildlife and meet a
crocodile, great horned owls, hawk and others.  Contact Phone: 941-748-5829 x256; Email:















































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