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Returned Check Policy

Returned Check Policy & Procedures

In an effort to curb the internal cost our district bears each year for returned checks (Non-Sufficient Funds, NSF, Account Closed, Fraud and Stop Payment), we have contracted with Checkredi of Florida.

All checks accepted for payment by any Sarasota County public school are accepted with the understanding that the Parents' or Guardians’ banks will pay those checks when deposited into the School’s account. Please do not post date a check when delivering one to the schools.

Checkredi provides this service to numerous school districts in Florida and will be in charge of collecting checks for our district that are not honored by the check writer’s bank. 

In addition to the face value of the check, Checkredi will also add a state allowable returned check fee to each returned check,  based on the laws of the State of Florida.  

The following is a summary of the base service charge authorized by the State of Florida for returned checks:

                Amount of the check            Service Charge
                $.01 to $50.00                     $25.00
                $50.01 to $300.00                $30.00
                $301.00 to $800.00              $40.00
                $800.01 or more                  5% of face of the face value of the check

Checkredi will send you a letter explaining the breakdown of the fees and charges should your check not be accepted by your bank.

Checkredi receives all returned checks when they are not accepted by the bank.  This allows our staff to focus on other duties that are more productive and beneficial to our Students.  It also allows Parents/Guardians the opportunity to pay for any inadvertent returned item without the potential embarrassment that may be associated with paying it at the school.

Please refer to this notice, provided by Checkredi, and feel free to contact them if you have additional questions, toll free at 1-877-524-7334.






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