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Community/Schools Partnership for the Arts

Independent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent of Sarasota County Schools Since 1996

The COMMUNITY / SCHOOLS PARTNERSHIP FOR THE ARTS (C/SPA), a unique partnership between the Arts & Cultural Alliance and the Sarasota Public School District, is comprised of school and district administrators, teachers, parents, students, education directors from many of the local arts venues, and other community arts education advocates.  In 2002, C/SPA was recognized at a national symposium of the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) in Washington, DC, for its outstanding collaborative relationship between the arts community and the school district. This volunteer organization continues to serve all of Sarasota County's K-12 public school students.

C/SPA's long-term goals are to advance the knowledge of arts education and its strategies, to encourage
continuous learning and to promote dialogue about arts education in our schools and in our community.

The COMMUNITY / SCHOOLS PARTNERSHIP FOR THE ARTS represents exemplary cooperation between leaders in the school district and leaders in the fine arts community to support and improve arts education in Sarasota County.

C/SPA’s Vision

C/SPA envisions every student participating in a quality arts program, taught through a balanced curriculum, based on national standards with school and community collaboration.

C/SPA’s Mission

C/SPA provides leadership in the continual development, implementation, and celebration of education in, about, and through the arts for all students in Sarasota County.

C/SPA’s Goals

1. Develop and implement curricula in five art forms: dance, media, music, theatre, and visual arts.
2. Infuse the arts into all facets of school life and into all subjects.
3. Develop and implement innovative programs including visual and performing arts magnet programs, to enhance standards-based courses, expanding the range of experiences available to students and teachers. 
4. Systematically assess student learning in the arts and regularly evaluate arts education programs.
5. Recruit, hire and retain highly qualified, certified arts teachers in all art forms.
6. Provide regular professional development so that teachers can help their students meet the National and Sunshine State Standards in the arts. 
7. Address needs and resources for arts education in district planning, budgeting, and communication processes. 
8. Provide equitable and adequate human, financial and instructional resources, facilities, equipment and supplies for education in all five art forms.
9. Communicate within the school district, the community, the state and the nation regarding arts education in Sarasota County and its effects.

C/SPA’s Top Ten Priorities

  • ACCESS - helping to ensure that every child has access to sequential dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual art instruction at his/her level of achievement
  • EQUITY - helping to ensure that students at all schools, regardless of their learning challenges, enjoy the same opportunities in arts education
  • RESOURCES - helping to locate and encourage new sources of funding and monitor distribution of school and community arts education resources
  • QUALITY - helping to ensure that all art education courses are taught by qualified, certified arts educators
  • CONTENT - helping to create and maintain excellence in arts education curricula and assessments as well as helping to align community arts programs with school district curricula
  • INNOVATION - helping to ensure that teachers are aware of and utilizing the latest techniques and encouraging their students’ originality
  • LITERACY - helping to ensure that every child is literate in the arts as well as all of the other subjects taught in schools, especially reading
  • RECOGNITION - helping to ensure that the district is recognized for its outstanding collaborations and that students, teachers, and community arts supporters have opportunities for celebrating their achievements
  • COMMUNICATION - helping to teach the community at large the importance of supporting a world-class, balanced education for its students
  • CONTINUOUS PROGRESS - helping to monitor arts education programs to ensure that there is positive movement in all of these areas every year. 

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Curriculum and Instruction

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