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District Announces 2019 STEM Smart Student Summit

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2019 STEM Smart Student Summit logo

January 22, 2019 – Please join Sarasota County Schools for the annual STEM Smart Student Summit, where Sarasota County middle and high school students compete in rigorous competitions relating to Science/Health, Technology/Design, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Middle School events:

  • Exhibition: C02 Dragster
    • Individual students will design, produce a working drawing for, and build a C02-powered dragster per TSA specifications. There will be two divisions: Middle School and High School.
    • Please note - This is an exhibition only and not a STEMsmart competition. Certificates will be issued to the top 3 dragsters in each division.
  • Exhibition: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
    • This is an in-door exhibition event to introduce unmanned aerial systems safety and operations to the Sarasota School District. Teams will demonstrate UAS operations and safety excellence based on demonstrated performance and documentation of Flight Log in UAS Skills Challenge.
    • Skills Challenge – students demonstrate driving skills by completing tasks in the least amount of time. There are up to four different skills challenge courses.
    • Tetrathlon – students demonstrate driving skills and ability to multitask in a multiple skill course with the least amount of time.
    • Flight Log - Students provide Flight Log that lists date, flight times, skills practiced and student operator.
  • Bonus Event: Model Water Tower
    • A team of two to four students will design and build a functioning, model water tower that will hold at least one gallon of water at minimum elevation of 18 inches. For more information, please consult the AWWA Region X Model Water Tower Competition Guidelines.

High School events:

  • Science: Health Career Display
    • Contest Information:
      • Teams of 2
      • Teams shall develop a visual display of a specific career or cluster of careers in healthcare. The display allows the students to express ideas through an artistic medium to highlight the benefits of a specific career focus. The students will also be judged on their ability to present themselves and communicate the career information to others.
  • Science: Health Quiz Bowl
    • Contest Information:
      • Teams of 5
      • Teams will demonstrate communication skills; team work, problem solving and time management skills by determining and presenting the answer to each question clearly within the one-minute time frame.
      • Question topics: professional development issues, current events, and general academic knowledge
      • Dress requirement: All team members must be in scrubs, white uniform or school uniform and tennis shoes. Also, all school dress codes must be followed. (Penalties apply for not following this requirement).
  • Technology: Web Design
    • Teams of two design a Web design project that meets detailed specifications. The web design must promote a new STEM Academy at your current school site. The event assesses the teams’ Web design and development skills.
  • Technology: Logo Design
    • Your school is starting a STEM Academy at your existing school. Teams of two develop your schools new STEM Academy logo for your school following specific design criteria which will be provided prior to the event and submit your new STEM Academy logo
  • Technology: Desktop Publishing
    • Teams of two (2) will produce promotional materials using Microsoft Office applications for their new STEM Academy at their school. A STEM Academy promotional flyer will be submitted prior to the competition and students will then create two additional promotional materials on-site.
  • Engineering: Computer-Aided (CAD) 3D Design
    • Contestants create a 3D computer model(s) of an engineering or machine object, such as a machine part, tool, device, or manufactured product. One participant per school.
  • Engineering: Engineering Design
    • A team of three to six students develop a solution to a National Academy of Engineering grand challenge: Practical and Cost-Effective Uses for Solar Energy In and Around a Home. The solution will be informed and designed by precise problem definition, thorough research, creativity, experimentation (when possible), and the development of documents and appropriate models (mathematical, graphical, and/or physical prototype/model). Teams will present and defend their proposed solution to a panel of judges. For more information regarding this event, please refer to the 2018-19 TSA Engineering Design competition.
  • Mathematics: Spreadsheet Applications
    • A team of two students will be presented with a business-related challenge. This year’s challenge is Payroll. Using their spreadsheet skills, they will develop a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. Students will demonstrate their use of formulas (including basic arithmetic, SUM, payments, etc.) charts, formatting and problem-solving skills. Students will have 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the spreadsheet. During and following the event, students will be asked to explain and justify their decisions in solving the problem.
  • Mathematics: Math Quiz Bowl
    • School teams of four (4) demonstrate knowledge of high school math skills, team work, problem solving and time management skills by determining and presenting the answers to questions clearly within a specific time frame. Question topics will be based on content in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
  • Mathematics: Multimedia Math Challenge
    • Teams of four students are presented with a real-world challenge requiring Algebra 1 and Geometry skills to resolve. Each team must create a two to three-minute multimedia presentation that restates the challenge, teaches the mathematics content, and explains the solution.
  • Bonus Event: Juried Digital Art
    • Artwork Theme: Your school is implementing a new STEM Academy. Create an artistic piece demonstrating the vision of the new academy.

Location & Time:

Thursday, January 24:  7:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Suncoast Technical College

4748 Beneva Road, Sarasota, Florida 34233


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