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A Media Statement Regarding Sarasota County Schools and NAACP Partner to Address Social Justice Issues – April 30, 2018

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Students from Riverview High School met with civic leaders and school district administrators today to talk about race and other social justice issues. This closed forum was an opportunity for students to talk freely in a safe environment about topics that are important to them. District leaders will use the information shared during today’s meeting to develop additional conversations on the topic of race relations and other matters to be rolled-out in schools across the county. 

According to students in attendance, they are hopeful – hopeful and encouraged that the school district is providing an opportunity for them to share their concerns with other students in an open forum and that positive change will take place in Sarasota County schools. Each student’s experience was different, but many have experienced prejudice at some point in their lives, and they are glad the school district will be addressing these issues in a thoughtful manner. 

Civic leaders in attendance included representatives from the Sarasota chapter of the NAACP, including Trevor Harvey, Ed James and Dr. Lawrence Miller who were instrumental in facilitating today’s conversation.

Today’s meeting was in response to last week’s racially inappropriate post on social media from a Riverview student. Earlier last week, Superintendent Todd Bowden noted in a message to all parents, students and school district staff that this post was extremely insensitive and sentiments about race such as the one in the post have no place in Sarasota schools or our community. He also said that racism in any form is unacceptable and that the school district takes the issue of racial inequality very seriously.

The school district will continue to update students, parents and staff on this important initiative as it is shaped and defined by students, school district administrators and civic leaders. 

Sarasota High School Names Mike Fields as New Head Basketball Coach

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Mike Fields

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 30, 2018 – Sarasota High School is excited to welcome Mike Fields as the next Head Coach of the Sailor Basketball team. During the 2015-16 school year, Coach Fields guided the JV boys to a winning season with 14 wins and 11 losses. This year, the JV basketball team set a new school record with a 20-win season. He replaces his brother, Kevin Fields, who took the head coaching position at Florida Gateway College. 

“This is an exciting time for athletics at Sarasota High School,” noted James Slaton, the school district athletic director. “Under Coach Fields’ leadership, the boys basketball program at Sarasota will continue to reach new heights and set new records.”

“I look forward to continuing what Coach Kevin Fields instilled in his program by doing everything the right way and building relationships that goes beyond basketball,” said Coach Mike Fields. “Being able to coach the students on and off the court is important. The students know me and understand what I stand for. I would like to thank God, Mom and Dad, my wife Chanelle and my kids for this honor. Principal David Jones and the Sarasota High School administration have faith in my abilities, and I appreciate them giving me this opportunity.”  

“We look forward to seeing Coach Mike Fields bring our players to the next level,” commented Principal David Jones. “Sarasota High School is enthusiastic to introduce Coach Fields to all returning and interested Sarasota High School students, and to start building the team to be ready to compete in the fall.”

Coach Fields is a VA Union/Liberty University Graduate where he played football. He is married to his wife Chanelle and has four children.  

About Sarasota County Schools
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Venice Police Prepares to Open Work Station at Venice High School

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Pictured from left to right: Lt. Eric Hill, Superintendent Todd Bowden, Principal Eric Jackson, Chief Tom Mattmuller, Sgt. Andy Leisenring, and SROs Ruth Terry and Sean Hammett.
SARASOTA COUNTY, April 27, 2018 – Venice High School and the Venice Police Department have enjoyed a long-standing partnership to ensure all students receive a quality education in a safe learning environment. Effective August 1, the Venice Police Department will maintain an on-going, daily presence at Venice High School. This will come in the form of a new work station located on the Venice High School campus, which will be the first of its kind in Sarasota County. 
“We are thrilled that the Venice Police Department continues to support our SRO program and enhance their visibility on our Venice High campus,” noted Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “The relationships these officers develop with our students and school community is invaluable, and we appreciate their support to continuously keep our schools safe.”
“Developing a work station at Venice High School makes good sense,” said Chief Tom Mattmuller, Venice Police Department. “Not only will this location provide an additional place to hold administrative duties, it allows our officers to stay on the island and serve the greater community on an ongoing basis. This is a win-win for all of us and we’re pleased to support the school district in this manner.”
Each organization benefits from this cooperative arrangement. Venice Police will have an established base to continue their work on the island 24/7/365. The precinct will be utilized by officers to complete paperwork and take care of administrative functions and online learning. Meanwhile, Venice High School will have a consistent police presence on its campus at all hours of the day. This further supports our collective efforts to ensure a safe campus. 
About the Venice Police Department
The Venice Police Department provides public safety and preserves order for our citizens, visitors, schools and businesses. We accomplish this while guarding, without prejudice, the liberties of all those we encounter. We are an approachable and transparent law enforcement agency that plays a significant safety and security role to the community we serve. Visit the Venice Police Department online. 

About Sarasota County Schools
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A Media Statement About Bay Haven Teacher Taken Ill – April 27, 2018

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SCS News

On Friday, April 20, a teacher at Bay Haven School took ill with an infectious disease that, as of today, is confirmed as Streptococcus pneumoniae. According to the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota, this is an isolated incident and not a public concern for our community. The school district has been given permission by the family to release this information to the public. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the school district has gone through two rounds of hospital-grade cleansing at Bay Haven to ensure the continued health and well-being of our students and staff, and we will continue to be diligent in our efforts. 

More importantly, we ask our school community to keep this teacher in your thoughts and prayers. The family is grateful for the love and support given during this difficult time, and we remain hopeful their health and well-being will continue to improve.

Anyone with concerns should check with their health care provider, or you can log on to the Florida Department of Health’s website to learn more.

A Media Statement from the Sarasota County School District Regarding a Riverview High School Student’s Social Media Post – April 23, 2018

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SCS News

Since Sunday, the Sarasota County School District has been looking into the incident of the racist prom proposal created by a Riverview High School student and posted on social media. This issue has caused incredible disruption to our school and community. We do not want the behavior of individuals to be considered the narrative of the entire school community, and we want to provide the following update regarding steps the school district is taking since the post was initially discovered.

On Monday, a diverse cross-section of students met with school officials to talk about various issues including economic, racial, ethnic and gender disparities. In addition, students voiced their concerns about racial tensions at the school. To more formally investigate and gather this information about these important topics, the school district has invited Trevor Harvey with the Sarasota NAACP chapter to facilitate a student-led conversation at Riverview High School to learn more and share ideas for change. We believe our students can be powerful voices of reason and help us fund solutions to the racial alienation that some children may feel. It is our goal that these roundtable discussions take place at other schools throughout the district to directly hear from students about these topics that are national in scope, but important to our community. From there, we will make resources available to our students to effectively address the issue of inequality in our schools.

Regarding the student who made the poster that was put on social media, the school district continues its investigation into this matter. We are working with school administrators, students and their parents to determine a course of disciplinary action according to school policy. Meanwhile, the student’s family has released a statement, which is included for your review.

Sarasota County Schools Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers and Partners in Annual Award Ceremony

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VOLUNTEERS & PARTNERS: Sarasota school district leaders presented with a check of in-kind hours (left to right) Dr. Todd Bowden, superintendent; Lyndsey Cantees, volunteer and partnerships coordinator; Bridget Ziegler, School Board Chair.

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 20, 2018 – Last week, the Sarasota County School District recognized outstanding individual volunteers and business partners during its annual awards ceremony. It is an annual tradition during National Volunteer Recognition Month to honor those who volunteer throughout the district. During the 2017-2018 school year, thousands of volunteer hours equated to more than $4.8 million in in-kind hours used to support Sarasota County Schools. Scott Dennis, ABC 7 news anchor and long-time supporter, served as master of ceremonies.

“Without a doubt, the Sarasota County School District has the most generous and dedicated volunteers and business partners,” said Superintendent, Todd Bowden. “Their commitment to our schools is unparalleled and we are fortunate to live and work in a community that supports student success, and challenges us to be more.” 

“The TeamUp Volunteer & Partnership Council along with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County are instrumental in making the volunteer program throughout the school district a success,” noted Lyndsey Cantees, program coordinator, Sarasota County Schools Volunteer & Partnership Office. “Their generosity helps us connect more than 10,000 volunteers and business partners with schools and students annually to promote learning and civic engagement.” 

"It is tremendously exciting and inspiring to see the number of volunteers throughout the school district grow each year," commented Bridget Ziegler, Sarasota County school board chair. “From elementary, middle and high school students to parents, retirees and business partners, we are truly blessed to work with our amazing volunteers – all of whom play an integral part in our shared mission of enhancing the lives of our students through education.”

The following students were given monetary awards for their outstanding commitment to the community:

  • Juliette Daddario, Venice High School, 2018 Lilly Kaighin Service Award
  • Serena Orduno, Sarasota High School, 2018 Bette Woodson Service Award
  • Lia Vangellow, Riverview High School, 2018 Teeja Service through the Arts Award
  • Litha Martinez, Suncoast Technical College, Newtown, 2018 Freeman Orthodontics Inspiration Award
  • Andrew Lakey, Suncoast Polytechnical High School, 2018 Freeman Orthodontics Inspiration Award

The Volunteer & Partnership Office also recognized innovative leaders throughout the school district, including these 2018 district award recipients: 

  • Kendall Frechette, Pine View School, Outstanding Youth Volunteer
  • Susan Lord, Atwater Elementary School, Outstanding Adult Volunteer
  • Theodore Downing, Booker High School, Outstanding Senior Volunteer
  • JE Charlotte Construction, Riverview High School business partner, Outstanding Local Business Partner
  • The Baltimore Orioles, Oak Park School business partner, Outstanding Corporate Business Partner

The Sarasota County School District Volunteer & Partnerships Office is charged by the Superintendent to support schools in their work with volunteers, business partners and community collaborations. That work is directly supported by the TeamUP Volunteer & Partnership Council, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to connect the greater Sarasota community with public schools, along with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County. The collaborative mission is to support educational opportunities for students thought comprehensive community involvement by creating public awareness, providing resources, conducting training and supporting and recognizing volunteerism and partnerships.

Throughout the month, the Sarasota County School District has been posting volunteer spotlights on the district’s Facebook Page

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Dedicated to academic and athletic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. The Sarasota County School District is one of only two Florida school districts to consistently earn an “A” grade every year since 2004. Learn more:

Sarah Woods Named Sarasota County Schools School-Related Employee of the Year

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Sarah W

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 20, 2018 – Sarah Woods, a Food and Nutrition kitchen manager at Gulf Gate Elementary School, has been named the 2018 Sarasota County School District School-Related Employee of the Year. According to an announcement made today by Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart, Ms. Woods is also one of five finalists to compete for statewide recognition next month. 

“Sarah Woods continues to succeed through hard work and dedication,” noted Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “Not only is she an incredible manager, her care for the students at Gulf Gate Elementary is inspiring. She is one of our brightest employees, and I am thrilled she has been recognized as the district’s 2018 School-Related Employee of the Year.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many outstanding leaders during my career, and Sarah Woods is one of the finest leaders I have had the privilege to work with,” said Robin Magac, principal at Gulf Gate Elementary. “She displays such a cooperative and harmonious nature – the students and staff just adore her. This recognition is well-deserved.”

“Being a Food and Nutrition Services employee is a tough job,” commented Beverly Girard, Sarasota County Schools Food and Nutrition Services director. “Sarah Woods is a remarkable manager who handles her job effectively and efficiently. She is quick with a smile and a compassionate hand and I am glad the school district and Commissioner Stewart have recognized her outstanding work.”

Ms. Woods has been with the Sarasota County School District since 2006 and manages all aspects of food production and the food service staff at Gulf Gate Elementary. She currently supervises 5 employees and is responsible for preparing and serving 140 breakfasts and more than 500 lunches daily for the students at Gulf Gate Elementary. She has recently been recognized for her efforts during Hurricane Irma, when Gulf Gate Elementary became a shelter for more than 2,000 community members. She and her team worked tirelessly to ensure all shelter guests received three meals a day during the storm. 

In Sarasota County, Ms. Woods was selected from nearly 50 nominees chosen from approximately 2,200 support staff members who work throughout the district’s schools and departments, and who are not teachers or administrators. The outstanding achievements by all School-Related Employee of the Year nominees will be honored at a luncheon on May 9 at Michael’s on East. 

You can view a video produced by The Education Channel featuring Ms. Woods and Gulf Gate Elementary on YouTube.  

About Sarasota County Schools
Dedicated to academic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. The Sarasota County School District is one of only two Florida school districts to consistently earn an “A” grade since 2004. Learn more:


Kirk Hutchinson Named Principal of Venice Elementary School

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Kirk H.

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 18, 2018 – Kirk Hutchinson has been named the new principal of Venice Elementary School effective June 1, pending School Board approval. Currently, Mr. Hutchinson serves as the principal at Atwater Elementary where has worked as its top administrator since 2009. He replaces Ms. Erin del Castillo who will assume the role of Principal at Riverview High School later this spring. A principal search will take place later this month to fill the principal position at Atwater Elementary.

“I cannot think of a better fit for the students, staff and Venice community than Kirk Hutchinson for this significant role,” said Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “Kirk’s passion for making a difference coupled with his instructional knowledge make him an ideal candidate for the job. I know he will serve the Venice Elementary School community well for years to come.”

“I am very excited to be joining the Venice Elementary Little Indians family,” commented Kirk Hutchinson. “I have had an incredibly wonderful experience at Atwater, and I am looking forward to working with the school staff and families to inspire even more students to do their best and achieve success at Venice Elementary.”

“Mr. Hutchinson is an excellent administrator to assume the role of principal at Venice Elementary School,” noted Christopher Renouf, executive director for Elementary Schools. “Kirk brings a unique blend of instructional expertise and a strong ability to communicate, collaborate and commit to honoring the success and traditions of Venice Elementary. He will do a tremendous job continuing the legacy of excellence the Venice community has come to expect.”

Mr. Hutchinson has collectively served in Sarasota County Schools for more than ten years. Prior to becoming the first principal at Atwater Elementary, Mr. Hutchinson was an assistant principal at Lamarque Elementary in Sarasota County from 2007 – 2009. He has also served in numerous administrative and instructional roles in Punta Gorda, FL and the metro Baltimore, MD area prior to coming to Sarasota County Schools.

Mr. Hutchinson will earn his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership this spring from the University of Florida. He also has a master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from The Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland, College Park.

About Sarasota County Schools

Dedicated to academic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. The Sarasota County School District is one of only two Florida school districts to consistently earn an “A” grade since 2004. Learn more:

Public Input: Articulation Agreement between Sarasota County School Board & State College of Florida

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SCS News

The Sarasota County School District’s articulation agreement which includes Dual Enrollment (DE) with the State College of Florida (SCF) is up for annual renewal and we are seeking feedback from parents about middle and high school students taking college programs while in school. The academic success of our students is a priority for the school district and this feedback provides an opportunity to share with SCF the importance of DE classes and other post-secondary coursework. Parents wishing to share their feedback can do so via email from our website

Sarasota County Schools Issues Public Survey on School Operations

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Climate Survey

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 10, 2018 – Each year, Sarasota County Schools conducts what is known as a “climate survey” to better understand how the school district is operating. Students, parents and staff are invited to lend their feedback about how their school or workplace is meeting their needs and expectations in such areas as communication, curriculum, management, school safety, academics, maintenance of facilities and parent involvement. Information received from parents and guardians through the survey is particularly helpful in measuring satisfaction with school services and in identifying areas that could be improved.

Staff and students generally take the survey at their worksite or school. Most parents and guardians take the survey at home. District parents and guardians will be sent a telephone message via the district’s automated calling system inviting them to respond to the survey.

The survey will be posted on the Sarasota County School District website at from April 6 – April 20. Respondents may take the survey by clicking on the “School Climate Survey” link for both parents and students in the Hot Topics section on the right side of the homepage. The parent survey has been translated into five languages other than English that are most often spoken in student’s homes, including Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Haitian Creole.

District administrators strongly encourage all families with children in the district to take the survey. Parents who do not have internet access may take the survey at any Sarasota County school or any Sarasota County public library. Parents not able to fulfill any of these options may call the district office to have a copy of the survey mailed to them.

It is important for the school district to hear from as many families as possible for the results of the survey will be helpful in guiding decisions. Individual responses are anonymous. The school district will use summary information from the survey to identify successes or issues, but it does not identify individual respondents.

More information about the climate survey is available via a link on the Hot Topics section on the homepage of the district’s website. Anyone with questions about the survey may call the district Research, Assessment and Evaluation Department at 941-927-9000 x32257.

About Sarasota County Schools

Dedicated to academic and athletic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. It is one of only two Florida school districts to consistently earn an “A” grade every year since 2004. Learn more:

Sarasota County Schools Track Teams Go the Extra Mile

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Sarasota County Schools Track Teams Go the Extra Mile

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 10, 2018 – Sarasota County School District athletic programs continue to excel as the middle school and high school track team district championships took place earlier this month. On Wednesday, April 4, middle school track teams concluded a great season at the county championship track meet at North Port High School. The girls team from Pine View and boys team from Booker Middle School took home the top prize. Likewise, the high school district championship track meet took place on Thursday, April 5 with Riverview High School winning the girls competition and Sarasota High School winning the boys division.

“Student athletes throughout the school district have had a remarkable year,” commented Todd Bowden, school superintendent. “From academic excellence to gains on the field, court and track, our athletic programs are unrivaled. I am proud of our schools, student athletes and coaching staff who continue to showcase the strength of Sarasota County Schools.”

“From individuals to team sports, Sarasota County athletic programs have experienced tremendous success this year,” noted James Slaton, district athletic director. “These students have trained exceptionally hard and their efforts have paid off. All of the students who participated in an athletic program this year should feel really good about their accomplishments.”

This has been an incredible year for Sarasota County Schools athletic programs who have achieved impressive results throughout the 2017 – 2018 school year, including:

  • Riverview Boys Basketball finished 1st in the state for Team GPA
  • Riverview Girls Basketball, Venice Girls Basketball and Venice Wrestling finished 2nd in the state for Team GPA
  • Venice Volleyball finished 2nd in the state for Team GPA
  • North Port Football finished 3rd in the state for Team GPA
  • Venice High School senior, Dan Stone, won the FHSAA 2A Wrestling State Championship in the 138lb weight class
  • Booker High School senior, Christian McKay, won the FHSAA 1A Girls State Weightlifting Championship
  • Venice Football won the 7A State Championship
  • Venice Girls Volleyball won the 8A State Championship
  • Riverview Boys Swimming won the 4A State Championship (their 4th straight State Championship)
  • Riverview Boys Swimming won the 400 Freestyle Relay State Championship (Zander Gardner, Rene Strezenicky, JJ Corrigan, Brendan Firlie)
  • Sarasota’s Ben Hartvigsen won the individual Cross-country State Championship
  • Venice’s Kristen Nutter won the 3A State Championship in the 100-yard butterfly

Athletics is one pillar of the Triple-A focus of Sarasota County Schools that includes academics, the arts and athletics, all of which work to develop a well-rounded educational experience for students throughout the district.

About Sarasota County Schools

Dedicated to academic and athletic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. It is one of only two Florida districts to consistently earn an “A” grade every year since 2004. Learn more:


A Statement from Dr. Bowden

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Dr. Bowden Reads to Students

Superintendent Todd Bowden looks forward to continuing the excellent work of the Sarasota County School District and inspiring students to succeed

April 9, 2018

For the last year, I’ve had the privilege of serving as superintendent of Sarasota County Schools, a school district I’m incredibly proud of and care deeply for. Recently, there has been a lot of negativity in the news regarding issues between me, school board members and other government entities in our community. It is time to remind ourselves of our goal, which is to keep our students safe while at school, and provide the best learning experiences possible for success both academically and personally. 

So much good has happened during my tenure – we continue to maintain an “A” grade and are one of only two school districts to continuously do so since grading began in 2004. In addition, our student athletes continue to stand out both on the field and in the classroom. Likewise, our performing arts programs remain unparalleled, and our science and technology-based activities continue to excel – not just here in Sarasota County, but throughout the world. Furthermore, Sarasota County Schools boasts the best staff, teachers and administrators in the state, and I am proud to work alongside such dedicated professionals who care so much for the well-being our students.

I have a personal passion for this community and hope to serve as its superintendent for many years to come. I look forward to starting the week with a renewed sense of commitment and dedication towards our students and staff, and building a better community together.


Jennifer Nzeza Named Principal at Southside Elementary

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Jennifer N

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 9, 2018 – Jennifer Nzeza has been named principal of Southside Elementary School effective May 30. She currently serves as assistant principal at Southside where she has worked since 2017. Ms. Nzeza was recently recognized as the 2018 Sarasota County District Assistant Principal of the Year based on her work at Southside. Her new position is pending confirmation from the School Board. Ms. Nzeza assumes the role currently held by Steve Dragon, who is retiring May 29.

“I am thrilled to name Jennifer Nzeza as the new principal of Southside Elementary,” stated Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “She is an exceptional leader and her administrative skills, coupled with the connections she has made at Southside, make her an ideal candidate for the post. I know she will continue to shine in this capacity”

“I am ecstatic to have been selected as the next principal of Southside Elementary School,” commented Jennifer Nzeza. “I look forward to leading and working alongside our highly-talented teachers, our dedicated parents and our amazing children. Oh, the places we’ll go!”

“Jennifer has proven that she is a perfect candidate to assume the role of principal at Southside Elementary,” noted Christopher Renouf, executive director of Elementary Schools. “She brings an incredible K-12 instruction perspective along with a passion and commitment to involve all stakeholders in maintaining the strong tradition of excellence of Southside. I am excited for her and the entire Southside School community.”

Prior to her work as assistant principal at Southside Elementary, Ms. Nzeza served as an assistant principal at Pine View School from 2011 – 2017 where she was responsible for professional development and instruction. She was also involved in numerous literacy-focused initiatives. Earlier in her career with the Sarasota County School District, Ms. Nzeza worked at Booker Middle School from 1998 – 2011 where worked as a teacher and academic interventionist. Ms. Nzeza has an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership from Argosy University, a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University and a bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education from the University of South Florida. She resides in Sarasota with her family.

About Sarasota County Schools Dedicated to academic excellence, Sarasota County Schools is home to 53 schools, 43,000 students and 5,000 employees. It is one of only two Florida districts to consistently earn an A-grade since 2004. Learn more:

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