Middle School Sports

At Sarasota County Schools, we know that character, courage and confidence are developed on the playing field as well as in the classroom. That’s why our middle schools provide a wide range of athletic programs for young men and women who want to become outstanding citizens as well as celebrated champions.  We wish every student who plays middle school sports a winning season — and more importantly, lasting memories and friendships with teammates.

Middle School Sports Available:

  • Fall:
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Tennis
  • Boys Tennis

  • Winter:
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball

  • Spring:
  • Girls Track
  • Boys Track
  • Girls Golf 
  • Boys Golf

High Schools
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Patty Woods, Administrative Assistant

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James Slaton, Director

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Driver Education
James Clark
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Sarasota Virtual Academy
Steve Posilovich, Coordinator
Phone: 925-421-6747

1/22/2019 - North County School Showcase

1/23/2019 - South County School Showcase

1/24/2019 - 2019 STEMsmart Student Summit

1/24/2019 - Woodland Middle Open House Showcase Stream Carnival

1/24/2019 - Sarasota Middle School Open House Showcase

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