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Mar, 2018

Parent Forum delete
Flag Football and Soccer Intramural Ends delete
Track and Field Meet at Sarasota delete
FSA Writing delete
FSA Writing delete
Track and Field Meet at Sarasota delete
National Junior Honor Society delete
End of third grading period delete
PTSO Meeting delete
Final Date to Order Yearbooks delete
Spring Pictures delete
Spring Semi-Formal delete
Professional Day - No School delete
Track and Field County Meet delete
SMS Tour delete
Spring Break delete

3/26/2018 - Spring Break

4/2/2018 - Classes resume

4/7/2018 - PSAT

4/11/2018 - PTSO Meeting

4/11/2018 - SMS Tour

View District + School Year Calendars
Alexis, Irwin: Grade 6 LA and Creative Writing
Andrews, Lisa: Cafe Monitor
Bezdek, Corinne: Grade 8 Math
Blough, Kyle: Grade 7 LA
Boyle, Marta: Grade 7 LA
Carabali, Diane: Spanish
Chen, Jennifer: Mandarin
Cinelli, Denise: Receptionist
Davis, Lynsey: Behavior Specialist
Davis, Whitney: Grade 8 LA
Doe, Steve: Socrates Math
Dorn, Janel: Principal
Dorr, Carolyn: ESE Liaison
Dunn, Moira: Grade 8 Math
Elsey, Charles: Grade 7 and 8 Language Arts
Evans, Michael: Technology
Farrell, Kimberly: Grade 8 Gifted Language Arts
Fauvel, Lauren: Grade 7 Social Studies
Filipkowski, Jackie: ESE Aide
Fisher, Michelle: Administrative Assistant to Janel Dorn
Forbes, Jared: Grade 7 Gifted Social Studies
Frisina, Anne: Support Aide
Fronczak, Alicia: TOSA,Scheduler
Gager, Amber: Registrar (A-L)
Goldberg, Jillian: ESE Aide
Golumbeck, Kerry: Grade 6 Math
Govic, Claudia: Spanish
Grandusky, Susy: Grade 6 Gifted Language Arts
Greene, Geri: Grade 7 Math
Greer, Debby: Speech ESE
Guiffrida, Susan: Grade 8 Science
Harting, James: Gifted Math
Hassler, Lindsay: Grade 6 Gifted Language Arts
Hill, Marcia: Custodial Manager
Holmes, Doug: Grade 7 Gifted Social Studies
Houston, Deb: Drama
Ives, Mamata: Grade 6 Science
Jackson, Justine: Grades 6 & 7 Fusion ELA
Jacobs, Torrey: Health Aide
Jaso, Dr. Jennifer: Grade 8 Gifted Social Studies
Joiner, Colleen: Grade 7 Gifted Language Arts
Joiner, Matthew: Physical Education
Kaiser, Deb: Grade 8 Social Studies
Kendall, John: Music
Kiner, Justin: Grade 8 Gifted Science
Kitson, Molly: Career Advisor
Kizziar, Allison: Grade 6 & 7 Fusion ELA
Kohler, Kyle: Grade 8 Science
Kohler, Robin: Grade 6 Social Studies
Kuentzel, Chip: SRO
LaBossiere, Karen: Security Monitor
Lachambre, Leo: ESE, Math
Lai, Diane: Bookkeeper
Lewis, Tamara: Music
Loos, Stacey: Assistant Principal
Lundquist, Jackie: Physical Education & Dance
Lunt, Daniel: Grade 8 Math
Machenheimer, Nicole: Grade 7 Gifted Science
Magill, Betsy: School Nurse
Mangoni, Lisa: Grade 6 LA
Marks, Lindsay: Grade 7 Gifted Language Arts
Marques, Jan: Guidance Counselor
Marshall, Laura: Grade 6 Math
Martin, Sarah: Clinic & Clerical
McCombie, Kristin: ESE Liaison (Gifted)
Mocherman, Missy: Grade 6 Gifted Science
Moncayo, Ada: Spanish
Moriarty, Susan: STEM Investigations
Morrison, Ashley: Grade 6 Gifted Social Studies
Mruczek, Steve: Cafeteria Monitor
Mudrock, Mark: Gifted Math
Murphy, Robin: Grade 6 Science
Neal, Lorie: Physical Education
Nestle, Heather: Grade 7 Science
Novak, Stanley: Grade 7 Math
Overton, Sandy: Gifted Math
Parker, Paul: Business Ed and Yearbook
Patt, Christy: Grade 6 LA
Perea, Sandra: ISR
Reisz, Terri: Grade 6 Science
Robson, Judi: ESOL Liaison
Rogers, Beth: Speech
Ryan, Mary: Gifted Math
Sams, Karla: Grade 8 Gifted Social Studies
Sawa, Nadia: Music
Schimek, David: Grade 6 Gifted Social Studies
Schran, Julia: Grade 7&8 Science
Schuerholz-Winters, Lisa: Grade 8 Social Studies
Scribner, Travis: Physical Education
Sharrock, Jason: Grade 7 Gifted Science
Sharrock, Pamela: Grade 7 Science
Showalter, Miriam: Grade 6 Science
Smisor, Kevin: Grade 7 Social Studies
Smith, Marjorie: Grade 8 Gifted Science
Sorrentno, JoAnn: Cafe Monitor
Stearns, Paulette: Registrar (M-Z)
Stowell, Jerry: Grade 8 LA
Swick, Carla: Grade 6 Gifted Science
Tateosian, Paul: Grade 6 Social Studies
Teal, Brooke: Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies
Tharp, Dan: ESE Aide
Tharp, Jennifer: ESE Aide
Todd, Nicolle: Gifted Math
Tracey, Brooks: Art
Vergara, Yaneth: ESOL Aide
Wagner, Claire: ESE
Walsh, Kira: Assistant Principal
West, Michelle: Grade 8 Gifted Language Arts
Wiegand, Derya: Attendance Clerk
Winstead, Donna: Gifted Math
Wolf, Kenneth: Grade 6 Social Studies
Wyszomirski, Scott: ESE Math