2016-17  Dress Code


Student attire at Sarasota High School should reflect the fact that the school is where the student is engaged in “the business of learning.”

Students have a RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • Comply with the school dress code by arriving to school appropriately clothed; wearing clothes that are not dangerous to health or safety, do not disrupt the learning process, and stay within the school dress code.
  • Dress in a way not offensive to others at school or at school-sponsored events.
  • Not wear items or markings which are offensive, suggestive, indecent, or associated with gangs as identified by the Florida Gang Intent Act of 1990.
  • Not wear items that encourage use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, or weapons, or support discrimination on the basis of, color, disability, national origin, marital status, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

As in the world of work, clean and appropriate clothing and good personal hygiene are expected. A correlation exists between good grooming/personal attire and student achievement. A similar relationship exists between student dress and acceptable standards of conduct. Recognizing these relationships, the following dress practices ARE REQUIRED IN SCHOOL:


  • Girls may wear sleeveless shirts or dresses but halter tops, tank tops and strapless tops are not allowed. Clothing should not be revealing and must cover shoulders by a four finger width.
  • Must cover the waist of the bottom apparel. The abdominal area shall not be exposed. There can be no gap, front or back, between your pants and top.
  • Cleavage must be covered.  


  • Must fit and be worn at the waist (“sagging” is NOT permitted).
  • Must not drag on the floor or have holes above the knees.
  • May not be shorter than the thumb of the downward extended arm/hand.
  • Stretch lycra, spandex, nylon tights, leotards, and biker pants must have a top that covers below the buttocks.


  • Footwear must be appropriate for classroom or school activity, worn at all times and securely fastened.


  • Any article of apparel that displays obscene words, pictures, or designs
  • Any article of apparel that conveys a sexually suggestive picture, design, word, or remark
  • Any article of apparel that references the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Pajamas and bedroom slippers
  • Boxer shorts and underwear worn as outer garments
  • Combs or picks worn in the hair
  • Sunglasses in buildings
  • Over-sized coats/trench coats
  • Chains, spikes, or anything with raised studs
  • Any clothing or item that disrupts the effective functions of the school or educational process
  • Apparel, headwear, jewelry, accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming that, by virtue of its color arrangement, trademark or any other attribute, are specifically identifiable as belonging to a disruptive group or gang
  • Hats and other head coverings upon entering any campus building
  • Wallet chains
  • Clothing that is transparent or exposes the midriff, navel, or cleavage
  • Clothing that is torn, ripped, or frayed (Pants may not have holes above the knees)

Students in violation of this policy will be referred to the office and parents will be called to bring the proper school attire. If parents cannot be reached, students will be placed in an alternative setting. Students will not be permitted to attend classes inappropriately dressed and will receive consequences as follows:

1st offense- warning- change clothes- return to class 
2nd offense- Change clothes- return to class- detention assigned 
3rd offense- ISS assigned 
4th offense- OSS assigned 

  An Assistant Principal will make the final determination of the appropriateness of student clothing and appearance.




1/22/2018 - College Admissions Planning Seminar--Registration Required

1/24/2018 - S.P.I.N. Night

2/6/2018 - AICE & MaST Information Night 6:30 PM Auditorium

2/10/2018 - ACT

2/19/2018 - Presidents Day--No School

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Chase, Ryan - Assistant Principal, Administration
King, Bethany - Assistant Principal, Curriculum
Moyer, Becky - Assistant Principal, A - F
Rumph, Greg - Assistant Principal, G - M
Stroughter, Keatrun - Assistant Principal, N - Z
Ahles, Shane - Social Studies
Aleman, Juany - World Languages
Alexander, Gayle - Math
Alfrey, Charles - Performing Arts, Band & Music
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Aschenbrenner, Mark - Athletic Director & PE
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Berkey, Dean - Testing Coordinator; Math
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Brazil, Michael - Science
Brown, Jackie - CTE, Health & Wellness, Physical Education
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Cantrell, Sheldon - School Resource Officer
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Chasteen, Casey - Guidance Counselor, ESE
Clark, Sheila - Registrar
Conti, Star - Guidance Counselor, AICE 11-12
Coppola, Brien - Global Learning Center
Coppola, Courtney - Science
Costa, Jodi - Science
Crihfield, Sandy - Social Studies
Cross, Sarah - Social Studies Teacher
Cullen, Kimberly - English, Anchor
Dale, Valerie - ESE Science
Danczyk, Brittney - Math
Davis. Christopher - ROTC
Deal, Joy - Attendance Secretary
De Arment, Mary - ESOL & English
Deighton, Kimberly - Math
Dunk, Austin - CTE, Applied Engineering
Durmaz, Candace - ESOL
Dweck, Melissa - Theatre Arts, Drama
Ehlers, Megan - Science
Elsbree, Keith - Yearbook, TV Production & Media Studies
Emmet, Asheley - Social Worker
Estevez, Oribel - Physics
Falgowski, Jared - Math
Felden, Kathy - Language Arts
Fields, Kevin - Career Center
Floryjanski, Mary Jo - Visual Arts
Foley, Wendy - Bookkeeper
Fortner, Dan - Math
Gallucci, Tom - Campus Security
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Gartland, Keri - Language Arts
Genis, Reina - PE
Gibala, Chris - Social Studies
Godley, Ginger - Nurse
Graham, Susan - Language Arts, ESE
Gunter, Mark - Technology Support
Guss, Maxwell - Math
Hallinger, Colleen - Art
Hanna, Engy - Assistant Bookkeeper
Harris, Ashley - Language Arts
Harris, Taylore - Language Arts
Harshman, Andy - Science
Harshman, Kristina - Science
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Hilliard, Susan - ESE Liaison, L - Z
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Hughes, Adam - Social Studies
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Jacobs, Teresa - Media Aide
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Janeiro, Ross - Language Arts
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Karas, Stella - Social Studies
Karwatt, Christy - Social Studies
Kayser, Adria - Counselor R - Z
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Labsan, Hermie - ESE Aide
Latronica, Kelly - PE
Lawyer, Bill - Technology Support
Levine, Deborah - Language Arts
Linde, Hope - Language Arts
Maddox, Karla - Language Arts
Markley, Debra - Visual Arts
Marshall, Kim - Math, Anchor
Mavrikas, Amanda - Administrative Assistant, Admin. Office
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Pulphus, Fred - JROTC
Ritchie, Karen - ESE Aide
Roemer, Ashley - Language Arts
Rowe, Susan - Language Therapy, ESE
Rumph, Elizabeth - Campus Security
Rupprecht, Mark - ESE Behavior Specialist
Sanders, Kirby - Performing Arts, Music & Choir
Santiso, Daniel - Science
Saslow, Laurie - AICE Coordinator
Sawyer, Sarah - School Psychologist
Sera, Ed - Social Studies, Physical Education
Seres, Maggie - Administrative Assistant, AICE
Shackelford, Robert - Social Studies
Sharbono, Christian - Social Studies
Shepard, Scott - ROTC
Sherk, Nancy - Reading
Short, Rowena - Registrar
Singleton, Christina - CTE, Culinary Arts
Smith, Constanze
St. John, Terri - Language Arts
Stevenson, John - Science
Stroop, Nicole - P.E.
Sutter, Chris - Performing Arts Technician
Sweitzer, George - Guidance Counselor, E-K
Swirles, Scott - Social Studies
Taylor, Lauren - Guidance Counselor, A-D
Terry, Stephen - Orchestra
Thomas, Gavin - Math
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Tomlinson, Joanna - Reading, ESE & ESOL
Trinidad, Antonio - Campus Security
Unger, John - World Languages
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VanArsdall, Eric - CTE, Applied Engineering & Math
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Weeks, Elizabeth - ESE Aide
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