Principal- Kirk Hutchinson
Assistant Principal- Jody Long
Guidance Counselor- Vicki Stonestreet
Home School Liaison- Kristina Confer
ESE Liaison- Ami Steiner
Behavior Specialist- Marina Lamela
ESOL Liaison- Sandee Coward
Office, Administrative Assistant- Lisa Evon
Office, Attendance and Reception- Briana Galvan
Office, Registrar- Kimberly Powell
Office, Bookkeeper- Troy Yeager
Office, Clinic Aide- Cailin Arent
Media Center Aide- Patty Day
Before and After School Care, Director- LaVerne Corzetto
Kindergarten- Melissa Arnold
Kindergarten- Diane Colbert
Kindergarten- Kayla Conley, AWC
Kindergarten- Bridgette Eastwood
Kindergarten- Lyndsey Mosher
Kindergarten- Daniela Pyatt
Kindergarten Student Support- Julie Sardo
1st Grade- Chris Adams
1st Grade- Terri Azbill, AWC
1st Grade- Melissa Forsten
1st Grade- Laura Giraldo
1st Grade- Holly Mason
1st Grade- Jennifer Parsons
1st Grade Student Support- Ky Webb
2nd Grade- Cathleen Bullard, AWC
2nd Grade- Vicki Daniel
2nd Grade- Heather Jones
2nd Grade- Jennifer Pepe
2nd Grade- Ryan Rose
2nd Grade Student Support- Brittany McConnell
3rd Grade, ELA and SS- Amanda Chambers
3rd Grade, Math, Science, and SS- Lynne Coleman
3rd Grade, Math and Science- Samantha Frappier
3rd Grade, ELA and SS- Ashley Houtenbrink
3rd Grade- Stephen Lord, AWC
3rd Grade, ELA- Sherry Montalbano
3rd Grade, Math and Science- Jennifer Sowinski
3rd Grade Student Support- Brittany O'Connor
4th Grade, Math and Science- Jacob Klossner
4th Grade, ELA and SS- Katie Leworthy
4th Grade, ELA and SS- Yanel Morales, AWC
4th Grade, Math and Science- Sarah Musgrove
4th Grade, Math and Science- Jory Smith
4th Grade, ELA and SS- Wendy Summerson
4th Grade Student Support- Aimie Young
5th Grade, Science and SS- Kam Camara
5th Grade, Math- Shannon Jarvis
5th Grade, ELA- Lisa Lister
5th Grade, Math- Patricia Robison
5th Grade, Science- Keri Soto, AWC
5th Grade, ELA and SS- Caroline Steele
5th Grade Student Support- Tina Blashinsky
Specials, Art - Bill Breuer
Specials, Health (K-2), Technology (3-5)- Shannon Burdick
Specials, Music- Clay Conway
Specials, P.E.- Jennifer Johnson
Specials, P.E. Aide- Carrie Cholley
Specials, Science Lab- Heather Bingle
ESE VE Teacher- Victoria Auvil
ESE VE Aide- Teresea Potier
ESE VE Teacher- Michelle Jackson
ESE VE Aide- Marion Gerner
ESE EBD Teacher- Brianna Hyland
ESE EBD Aide- Sue Wright
ESE EBD Teacher- Michelle Dacey
ESE EBD Aide- Claire Sheffield
ESE Resource Teacher- Betsy McCoy
ESE Resource Teacher- Candi Simonds
ESE Behavior Specialist- Rick Taylor
ESE Speech Language Pathologist- Janet Holm
ESE Speech Language Pathologist- Laurie Pope
ESE Occupational Therapist- Jennifer Adams
ESOL Aide- Irina Spotar
Support, Reading Recovery- Lisa Fisher
Support, Behavior Aide- Shannon Goings
Support, Social Worker- Sindy Hark
Psychologist- Manny Dansey
Food and Nutrition Services Manager- Chrissy Syzonenko
Cafeteria Aide- Jennifer L. Johnson
Cafeteria Aide- Laura Keeler
Cafeteria Aide- Seta Kejelian Green
Head Custodian- Victor Biziewski
Day Custodian- Alicia Palumbo
Technology Support- Justin Kachline

5/28/2018 - Memorial Day (All Staff)

5/29/2018 - Last Day for 196 Day Staff

6/18/2018 - Last Day (220 Day Staff)

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