10/24/2016 - Professional Day: No School for Students

10/25/2016 - Red Ribbon Week: YOLO Day. Wear Red.

10/25/2016 - PTO Boo Grams

10/26/2016 - Red Ribbon Week: Put a cap on drugs. Wear your favorite hat.

10/26/2016 - Make-Up Day Individual Fall Portraits: Uniforms Required

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Before and After School Care Director Corzetto, LaVerne
Custodial Head Custodian Biziewski, Victor
Custodial Day Custodian Palumbo, Alicia
ESE Aide Daniels, Vonnie
ESE Aide Gerner, Marion
ESE Aide Goings, Shannon
ESE Aide Sheffield, Claire
ESE Behavior Specialist Taylor, Richard
ESE Liaison Drachler, Sarah
ESE Resource Teacher McCoy, Betsy
ESE Teacher Auvil, Victoria
ESE Teacher Dacey, Michelle
ESE Teacher Parsons, Jennifer
ESE Teacher Rice, Michelle
ESOL Aide Spotar, Irina
ESOL Liaison Coward, Sandee
Food Nutrition Services Manager Syzonenko, Chrissy
Grade K Adams, Chris
Grade K Conley, Kayla
Grade K O'Connor, Brittany
Grade K Pyatt, Daniela
Grade K Sterbutzel, James - AWC
Grade K Student Support Teacher Sardo, Julie
Grade 1 Burdick, Shannon
Grade 1 Gerdon, Daniela - AWC
Grade 1 Giraldo, Laura
Grade 1 Mason, Holly
Grade 1 Rose, Ryan
Grade 1 Student Support Teacher Webb, Kyiana
Grade 2 Azbill, Terri - AWC
Grade 2 Bullard, Cathleen
Grade 2 Daniel, Vicki
Grade 2 Jones, Heather
Grade 2 Pepe, Jennifer
Grade 2 Redman, Melissa
Grade 2 Student Support Teacher Musgrove, Sarah
Grade 3 Chambers, Amanda
Grade 3 Coleman, Lynne
Grade 3 Frappier, Samantha
Grade 3 Leworthy, Katie
Grade 3 Lord, Stephen - AWC
Grade 3 Montalbano, Sherry
Grade 3 Sowinski, Jennifer
Grade 3 Student Support Teacher McConnell, Brittany
Grade 4 Hyland, Brianna
Grade 4 Forsten, Melissa
Grade 4 Lister, Lisa
Grade 4 Morales, Yanel - AWC
Grade 4 Peele, Jory
Grade 4 Young, Aimie
Grade 4 Student Support Teacher Steiner, Ami
Grade 5 Camara, Kam
Grade 5 Jarvis, Shannon
Grade 5 Lamela, Marina
Grade 5 Robison, Patricia
Grade 5 Soto, Keri - AWC
Grade 5 Steele, Caroline
Grade 5 Student Support Teacher Blashinsky, Christina
Guidance Counselor Raider, Brooke
Guidance Counselor Stonestreet, Vicki
Specials Art - Breuer, William
Specials Computer Health Lab - Davis, Sue
Specials Media Aide - Day, Patty
Specials Music - Conway, Clay
Specials P.E. Aide - Cholley, Carrie
Specials P.E. - Johnson, Jennifer
Specials Science Lab - Bingle, Heather
Monitorial Aide Galvan, Briana
Monitorial Aide Johnson, Jennifer L.
Office-Admin Administrative Assistant Evon, Lisa
Office-Admin Assistant Principal Long, Jody
Office-Admin Attendance and Reception Stevens, Amy
Office-Admin Bookkeeper Yeager, Troy
Office-Admin Clinic Aide Arent, Cailin
Office-Admin Principal Hutchinson, Kirk
Office-Admin Registrar Powell, Kimberly
Psychologist Muster, Ben
Reading Recovery Fisher, Lisa
Social Worker Hark, Sindy
Speech Language Pathologist Holm, Janet
Speech Language Pathologist Mantel, Pamela
Student Support Behavior Teacher Andrews, Jermaine
Technology Support Kachline, Justin
Therapy OT Rees, Julie