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Foreign Exchange Student Program 

The Sarasota County School District recognizes the importance of intercultural and international education as part of a school program. Youth exchanges support district students, teachers and community members with an opportunity to broaden their perspectives on the world, while offering foreign exchange students cultural experiences that help them develop a balanced understanding of the U.S.  

Students from a foreign country must fulfill all federal, state and district eligibility requirements. These include being sponsored by a Foreign Exchange Student Program that is approved by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), receiving the approval of the Sarasota County District Office and the principal of the school they wish to attend, and having a J-1 Visa. After meeting these requirements, a student from another country may attend a Sarasota County high school at the discretion of the School Board of Sarasota County.  

CSIET-approved organizations and institutions sponsoring students must have a local representative who resides in Sarasota County in order to be eligible to participate in the District’s Foreign Exchange Student Program.

All students must be approved by the district through the Office of School Choice, Virtual School and Charter Schools before enrolling in a district school. In no case may the number of foreign students exceed 1 percent of the school's enrollment. The district reserves the right to limit the number of students placed by any sponsor or from any country. The district cannot issue a Form I-20.

More information about Sarasota County Schools Foreign Exchange Program is available by clicking on the links below. Anyone with questions may contact the Office of School Choice, Virtual School and Charter Schools at 941-927-9000, ext. 32171.

Foreign Exchange Student Program Application Process - Resources 

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