School Choice

Sarasota County School district is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of every child. Every school has high quality educational options for students. Students originally are assigned to the school in the attendance area in which their parents/guardians live, but the Sarasota County Schools also provides a number of opportunities for parents/guardians to select other options for their children.

Several magnet schools and programs that focus on specific areas of interest are available to students who meet eligibility requirements. Application is made directly to the school for those programs. Likewise, parents choosing virtual school or charter school enrollment for their student may apply directly at the school. 

The John M. McKay Scholarship Program for private or public school is available to students who have an active Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Accommodation Plan and meet certain other eligibility criteria. Eligible students may also apply for a Gardiner Scholarship Program which provides funding that can be used to purchase approved services or products for the student with an IEP.

The district annually offers Controlled Open Enrollment (Regular School Choice) to parents/guardians. During that time, parents may apply to enroll their child in a different school in the next academic year. Information on the availability of openings and the choice process is distributed in February of each year for enrollment in the following school year. Controlled Open Enrollment Applications can be downloaded from the district web site. 

In addition to these options, parents/guardians have the choice to home school their students. Home Education is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, you may contact the Office of School Choice, Virtual School and Charter Schools at (941) 927-9000, ext 32258.

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