Financial Services


The mission of the Budgeting staff is to maximize the use of resources in a manner that supports the Sarasota County School District mission/vision statement.

Budget Staff

Christa Curtner, Assistant Budget Director
Ext. 31302

Sheina Runions, Specialist - Budget
Ext. 31315 

Robert Macaluso, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
Ext. 31309 

Deanna Lawton, Budget Accountant, Degreed 
Ext. 31342

Deana Hays
, Budget Accountant, Degreed
Ext. 31341

Bonnie Lyons, Budget Accountant, Degreed
Ext. 31347

Budget Accountant Areas of Responsibility


0012       Alta Vista Elementary                     Deana Hays

0301       Ashton Elementary                         Deana Hays       

1241       Atwater Elementary                        Deanna Lawton               

0071       Bay Haven Basics Plus                 Deanna Lawton

0101       Brentwood Elementary                   Deana Hays

1271       Cranberry Elementary                    Deana Hays

0501       Emma E. Booker Elementary         Deana Hays

0121       Englewood Elementary                  Sheina Runions

0131       Fruitville Elementary                      Sheina Runions

0381       Garden Elementary                       Sheina Runions

0461       Glenallen Elementary                    Deana Hays

0261       Gocio Elementary                         Deana Hays

0271       Gulf Gate Elementary                   Sheina Runions

0471       Lakeview Elementary                   Sheina Runions

1341       Lamarque Elementary                  Sheina Runions

0171       Phillippi Shores Elementary          Deana Hays

0191       Southside Elementary                  Deana Hays

1282       Tatum Ridge Elementary             Sheina Runions

0491       Taylor Ranch Elementary            Sheina Runions

1231       Toledo Blade Elementary            Sheina Runions

0201       Tuttle Elementary                       Deana Hays

0211       Venice Elementary                     Deana Hays

0291       Wilkinson Elementary                 Deana Hays



 0084       Booker Middle                 Deana Hays 

0111        Brookside Middle             Deanna Lawton               

1261       Heron Creek Middle          Deanna Lawton

0141       McIntosh Middle               Deanna Lawton

0031       Sarasota Middle               Deanna Lawton

0451       Venice Middle                  Deanna Lawton

1291       Woodland Middle              Deanna Lawton



 0085       Booker High                                       Deana Hays

1251       North Port High                                   Deanna Lawton

0181       Riverview High                                   Deanna Lawton

0051       Sarasota High                                     Deanna Lawton

1391       Suncoast Polytechnical High               Deanna Lawton

0221       Venice High                                        Deanna Lawton



 1211       Laurel Nokomis                                        Bonnie Lyons

0293       Oak Park                                                  Bonnie Lyons

0021       Pine View                                                 Bonnie Lyons

0391       Suncoast Technical College                       Deanna Lawton

0591       Suncoast Technical College - North Port     Deanna Lawton



0294       Triad                                                          Bonnie Lyons



 0117       Englewood SKY Academy                         Bonnie Lyons

0103       Imagine School at North Port                      Bonnie Lyons

0106       Imagine School at Palmer Ranch                Bonnie Lyons

0090       Island Village Montessori                            Bonnie Lyons

0114       Sarasota Military Academy PREP               Bonnie Lyons

0074       Sarasota Military Academy                         Bonnie Lyons

0113       Sarasota Academy of the Arts                    Bonnie Lyons

0083       Sarasota School of the Arts & Sciences      Bonnie Lyons

0100       Sarasota Suncoast Academy                     Bonnie Lyons

0110       SKY Academy                                          Bonnie Lyons

0102       Student Leadership Academy                    Bonnie Lyons

0081       Suncoast School for Innovative Study        Bonnie Lyons

Financial Services
Division Office of the Superintendent

Mitsi Corcoran, Chief Financial Officer 

Christa Curtner, Assistant Budget Director       

Marina Vastag, Administrative Assistant  

Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31300 
Fax: 941-927-4017
1960 Landings Boulevard 
Sarasota, Florida 34231
Green 2nd Floor 

Accounting /  Accounts Payable   
Carrie Hannabass, Treasurer
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31304


Haze Saari, Supervisor
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31330

Staff Listing
2/27/2018 - Referendum Presentation: Dan DeLeo and Pam Truitt

2/27/2018 - Charter Review Committee

2/28/2018 - College Night 6-8pm at Robart Arena (Reschedule from September)

3/1/2018 - Financial Advisory Committee Meeting

3/1/2018 - Charter Review Committee

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