Drop-Out Prevention

Performance-Based Exit Option Model

The Performance-Based Exit Option Model is an alternative graduation option for students at risk of not graduating with their cohort. Students that meet eligibility criteria are exempt from attaining the GPA and credits normally required to graduate. To talk to someone about this program, contact Performance-Based Exit Option Model personnel for your school.
The Performance-Based Exit Option Model permits students who were planning to drop out to earn a State of Florida High School Performance-Based Diploma, which increases their options for future employment.

Eligible Students must:

  • be off track to graduate with their kindergarten cohort due to being overage for grade
  • be behind in credits or have a GPA that is less than 2.0
  • be approved by Principal, Guidance Counselor, and Performance-Based Exit Option Model Coordinator
  • be enrolled in and attending high school courses that meet high school graduation requirements
  • demonstrate a reading level of at least 9th grade as evidenced by a TABE test
  • have passed required sections of FCAT, or receive a concordant score
  • have Parent/ Guardian notification and consent

In order to obtain the diploma through the Performance-Based Exit Option, the student must:

  • remain in school and attend classes regularly
  • take the TABE Test to determine reading level
  • take the GED Official Practice Tests and score 450 minimum on each test
  • register and pay fee for the GED test
  • pass the GED test
  • successfully participate in the Performance-Based Exit Option Model for at least one full semester
  • comply with the school and district policies

The student will sign a participant agreement that outlines the above. A State of Florida High School Performance-Based Diploma will be awarded only if the above requirements are met. She or he may be withdrawn from the Performance-Based Exit Option Model for failure to comply with the school and district policies.

Diploma and Official Recognition
Upon successful completion of the Performance-Based Exit Option, the student receives a State of Florida High School Performance-Based Diploma from his or her District High School, and may participate in graduation ceremonies.

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