District Dashboards

District Grade Dashboard:

Each year the Florida Commissioner of Education assigns a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F to each school district, based on the 11 components prescribed by the Florida Department of Education. The district’s grade is calculated as if all students are enrolled in one large combination school. All students who are full-year enrolled in the district are included in the district’s grade. The District Grade Dashboard is a tool to visually represent overall student achievement in the 11 academic data points that factor into a district’s grade. The Sarasota County School District has received an A grade of every year since 2004 — the first year district grading began.

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Attendance/OSS Dashboard:

The Attendance and Out of School Suspension (OSS) Dashboard is a tool designed to visually reflect how the district is performing on attendance and OSS over time. This Dashboard includes:

  • Pie charts that display the percentage of days absent and the percentage of days present
  • Absenteeism line graphs that display the percentage of absences within 10-school-day segments
  • Chronic absenteeism line graphs that display the number of students who are chronically absent
  • Out of School Suspension line graphs that display the number of OSS incidents

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District Call Center


One phone number connects you to Sarasota County Schools and all departments. A TDD phone line is available for the hearing impaired 941-927-4039.

1960 Landings Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida 34231
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Communications and Community Relations
Information regarding community services
941-927-4009 or
941-927-9000, ext. 31148